Golden Horizon - Part II

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10. There are 20 ships per each system that you control. This is a max, you don't just suddenly make 20 ships just as soon as you colonize a system.

NOTE: These laws are a slight variation of Roosters law, created by Roostersw, used by the Webstory Developers Commune (WDC). A few words and phrases were changed, however, these are still basicly the same laws.

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1-The Igadzra Union, Renegade Alliance, Raiders of New Azdgari, Miranu Freedom Alliance, Free Worlds of New Zidagar, and the Kayian Alliance currently have no enemies or allies except for the Pirates and the Akrahd Empire.
2-The only government which is capable of creating the technology that would allow people to go to and from the Milky Way and the New Galaxy is the Kayian Alliance.
3-There is absolutely no way anyone can get to the Andromeda galaxy except for the Ediens.



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Originally posted by grunadulater:
**my ship was already in the igadzra system
as the ships and mines entered igadzra, grunadulater knew the time had come.he activated the EAWT and hit the astoriod. the riod decintegrated and the shock wave flew through the system at a fast hit grunadulaters ship first as he sent one last message.
to enemy ships in nearby systems
just remember that i die for honor and our cause, we will rule!
all of the mines and ships exploded and the mines didnt help the had turned black and grey.grunadulater was no more.

MOD: Uh, well, first off, it would affect the planet that much and it wouldn't kill all my ships, and it wouldn't destroy any mines because they haven't even entered Igadzra yet. The warships and troops would come in first, then the mines later.

As for your death; you don't have to die. But, it's your decision.

As for his posts; I'll just say the Federation lost about a quarter of the fleet and the rest of the fleet was damaged.

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ummm could somebody tell me the whole allies thing. Like who is allied with who. And would the pirates and the Akrahd (me) be considered an ally?


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it would be more heroic to die. 🙂
grunadulater awoke in the med bay.again.
"are you felling ok my lord."lynix was standing right by him.
"uhhhhgggg. I feel ok. was the cloning sucsessful?"
"yes my lord.hey doc, grunadulaters ok."
"good.let him res-"
"no im fine. im going to the bridge."he didnt wait for the doc to respond.again.
"how many ships did i kill?"
"about 1/4 of the fleet."
"no more!?........oh no.last time there was more than one shooting.o the armada ready?"
"its current status is=
12000 fighters, 3000 destroyers, and 2000 BC's."
"it's ready."10000, 2000 destroyers and 1200 BC's shot into hyperspace to the feviry system.all ships started fireing at the ships in orbit, the Dark Voyager II leading them.

I bet there darn tasty to.

Message to:Thunder & REDchigh:Gamma Encryption, Romeo band

The strength of the armour on the Arada can be increased by 50%, and still save room. Current projections go for the Arada being a light gunship. If RA silver turrets are added as its primary weapons, and a Horoth tractor beam for primary weapons, this still leaves plenty of room for secondry weapons. Our missles seem to be up to the speed and reload of your pursuit missles, but heavier hitting, so they may be a good choice. If this is set as the basic weaponry, minimal room is still left for additional weaponry.

If the Kayans can work on improving the stealth field, and have it ready intime to add to the Arada, it will be a great help against the Akrahd. For now, we will work on just adding our current version, alon with the sheild generators. Combining our shield generators with yours will also add a slight power increase, as yet undertermined.

Our scientists have also heard of your thoron beam, which seems to be comparable to the Akrahd Plasma beam, if of slightly shorter range. It would be excellent in destroying Akrahd armour. It may be a possible addon to the improved Arada.

Our scientists are also ready to begin work on altering our mines for use in ship combat, and await your efforts.

On another note, if your larger ships can begin to gether at our joint station, refitting for stealth fields, and limited Horoth armour tech can begin, in preparation for the battle with the Akrahd. Your larger ships will be invaluable in combating them, since we have nothing to compare, except for what you have given us.

Message From:RMA
End Message
Arada Research and prototype construction:3 posts(since 5 posts have already been spent on looking at the options and how things might be done)

OOC:Thunder, if the Kayans can do the research on the improved stealth field, it'd be good. Horoth will refit any ships which comes to the station and requests it. Also give your opinion on what should be on the Arada.


As requested, here's the current alliance information -
Voinian - Federation
Horoth - Kayan Alliance- Renegade Alliance

As for the Akhrad and the Pirates, you'll have to ask Carno - I really have no idea.


"Sir," Militia commander Lasin replied, we've just finshed the retrofitting of the last gunships with docking bays. We'll be able to have three carried fighters in each one.

"Excellent," Thunder replied. "Thanks for all your hard work on this whole project."

"Not a problem, Prime Minister."

"One more thing - We have two of our science vessels aboard the joint station constructed with the Horoth and RA. We've recieved a message from the Horoth asking us to help improve the stealth field. Order our scientists there to make it their top priority."

"Yes sir. I'll relay your message."

**RESEARCH INITIATED - Improve Horoth Stealth Field using Kayan Sensor Technology - Estimated time to completion - 5 posts.

Closing the comm link, Thunder asked his aide Akyna to look up the comm frequency for the New Kayan Science Institute. Akyna complied, and Thunder then reopened the comm link, this time speaking to the head of the science institute.

"I need you to charge the coherent energy beam emitter on the Storm within nine days. We'll need it fully charged to open the gateway."

"Prime Minister," the director of the science institute replied, "that emitter takes a massive amount of energy to charge! Even if you gave us access to all the excess power generation capabilities we have, we'll still fall short by 20%! We need more time, or more generators."

"Then buy more generators," Thunder replied. I'll transfer credits from the government account to buy as many as you need, but this project must be done on time!"

"It'll take at least five more generators to make the deadline. At a hundred thousand credits each, that's a half million credits you'll have to give us."

"Consider it done," Thunder said. "I'm authorizing the transfer as we speak. Buy the generators and get them charging as quickly as possible - there's no time to lose."

"Yes, Prime Minister!"


Thunder turned to his comm panel, typing out a breif message to the Horoth

Message to the Horoth, high-band encryption active
Point of Origin - Office of the Prime Minister - New Kayia

I've ordered a squadron of 20 Kayan Gunships, 20 Kayan Laziras, and 40 Kayan Aradas to report to the joint station for retrofitting. They should arrive soon. We've begun our research on improving the stealth field, and expect to have it done within a couple weeks. Also, if there is any interest in including our Defense Mines (useful for bombing runs) on the upgraded version of the Arada, we would be happy to provide them.

End Message

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since rigadaz has vanished, can I leader till he gets back?

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i guess so.
the dreadnaught was going fine.grunadulater was talking on the vidscreen.
"how far are you in the dreadnaught?"
"80% sir.we are currently working on slipstream propusion systems and sub-space shielding.we expect the prototype to be done in 4 weeks(5 posts) and the mass producing short cuts for creating it.we should have 5 dont by next month(7 posts.)"
"send them over here the second one gets done."
"yes, my lord."

I bet there darn tasty to.

MOD: Incorrect grundulator. The completement of the Dreadnaught is still 20 posts off (that is my estimate, ask Rigadaz for details) and the production of just 1 would take 10 posts. They are MASSIVE vessels.

Kryptauros (sorry about calling you this, it's a lot easier to type than ImmortalFirefly 😉 ); the Pirates and the Akrahd are not friends, though the Pirates would much rather raid other governments than the Akrahd. There are also have been numerous underhanded dealings between the Pirates and Akrahd.

Also, grundulator, the fleet in Notil would take a while to get to Feviry, not to mention that Feviry is guarded by well over 2,000 Federation vessels, and a large minefield that will wipe out over half your fleet. This will also leave the remainder of Igadzra space heavily unguarded, and my forces will be able to easily move in and invade Norhis.


An ensign ran up to the captain of the U.S.S.* Retaliator, the lead of the fleet now in charge of Igadzra. "Sir! Our scouts report the Edien armada has moved out of Notil!"

"Alert all bases in the area! Get the fleet and transports under way! We are going to invade Notil!"

The fleet was soon under way and slipstreamed towards Notil...


In the Feviry system, the Federation had been alerted and when the Edien fleet, which was now twice as small and the remaining ships were quite beat up and shaken, the Federation forces in the system pounced on them.

There was a vicious battle that followed, and though the Ediens suffered heavy casualties, the Federation had also suffered severe losses and retreated back to Ursla and Nimor to await the oncoming wave of Edien vessels...


Carnotaur was met by Admiral Johnson on his way to the bridge and was informed of the latest developments in Igadzra space. Then Carnotaur gave Johnson another order. "Start slowly assembling a fleet in this system, Akreyhek. It will be the welcoming party, you might say, for the refugee aliens when they eventually do come through. After the initial (sp?) welcomes are through, the Federation/Refugee fleet will then attack the Ediens."

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Admiral Nahar looked at the massive fleet; over 90,000 ships. This represented nearly 1 sixth of the entire Voinian navy. Behind this were over 500 supply ships loaded with 8 million Voinian soldiers under the command of General Gahtang.

"Admiral," a lieutenant gave Nahar a data pad, "Here is the latest reports from the fleet; we are ready to begin."

Nahar nodded. "Put me on for the fleet," he ordered.

The lieutenant nodded and pressed a button. "You're on, sir."

Nahar spoke. "Today, we fight the Edien Empire. We fight them for Borb, for Nova6, for our families, friends, fellow warriors. We fight for the refugee aliens, we fight for the Igadzra republic, we fight for the Federation. But most of all; we fight to regain lost territory and to exact our revenge upon the evil Edien Empire. For Borb! For Nova6! Today is a good day to die! Engage!"

A loud cheer could be heard over the comlink from the other Voinian vessels as the fleet slowly started to move and then.... BAM! The Voinian fleet, bit by bit, entered slipstream and screamed towards their targets...


The Edien commander in the Smott system relaxed in his Edien battlecruiser as it patrolled the outer fringes of the Smott system. Suddenly, he heard a beeping and looked at the sensor officer. "What's that?" he asked.

"Uhhhhhh, s-sir, you should come look at this," the lieutenant replied.

The commander got up and looked the sensor readout. What looked like an entire cloud of red dots was approaching the blue dot; which signified the Smott system. "What the heck is that?!" the commander asked.

"It's a Voinian armada sir; well over 30,000 vessels!"

"Oh my..." the Edien commander muttered. "Inform the fleet! Prepare for battle!"

Suddenly, a massive Voinian armada streaked out of slipstream. A Voinian frigate got too close to the Edien battlecruiser and collided with it. The battlecruiser was disabled, and captured by two Voinian cruisers, then towed off to the nearest Voinian base.

Meanwhile, the Voinian fleet had engaged the Edien fleet in a hail of missiles and weapons fire. It was utter chaos as the Voinians and Ediens charged and fought each other and weapons and rockets and torpedoes flew everywhere.

The Voinians destroyed the first wave of Edien warships then charged the rest of the Edien fleet which was protecting Smott itself...


The same was the story with Holmmm, DSN-4533, and DSN-3930. The Voinians charged in, catching the Ediens, who thought the Voinians would never and could never organize such a large offensive such as this one, completely by surprise. Soon, the Ediens had suffered major losses, the area was blocked off from reinforcements by Voinian fleets which had stationed themselves in certain systems, and the Voinians were closing in for the kill...

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i thought edien ships could go through hyperspace in about 6 hours so it would take barley a day to get from norhis to feviry.also, you never said there was a minefield there, you just said there was ones in the igadzra and volisc systems.but if there is, then i wont goto feviry.
"actually sir, it will take about 5 monthes to get you a dreadnuaght."
"its a good and huge ship sir."
"well, ok hurry.create several stations to speed up production."
dreadnaught=20 posts 15M
staion1 location=jumpgate1=10 posts 20M
station2 location=jumpgate2=10 posts 25M
station3 location=jumpgate3=10 posts 30M
station4 location=jumpgate4=10 posts 35M

I bet there darn tasty to.


Originally posted by grunadulater:
**i thought edien ships could go through hyperspace in about 6 hours so it would take barley a day to get from norhis to feviry.also, you never said there was a minefield there, you just said there was ones in the igadzra and volisc systems.but if there is, then i wont goto feviry.

The Federation makes extensive use of minefields. It's one of the main things that keeps them alive.

And no, Edien sub-space drive is just as fast as Slipstream Drive. Botho of them take about 12 hours to go through a jumplink which would usually take 2 days for a big warship.

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ok i didnt know that, sorry

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Hawk's ship jumped into the Kade system, just beyond sensor range of Edien ships. The last jump had been tiring, considering the percise locations it took to escape the suns of Innarlin. His next stop was Gadzair, a place that once held a great unity. He hit the interface and openedd a jumppoint...and dropped a locater becon as to his next whereabouts. The Kisani cursed as the Saer jumped into slipstream.

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"sir, imcoming vessle heading to the gadzair sysem."
"greet it with a few missiles."
"yes sir."the ship jumped into the system and the ediens fired the missiles......

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Thunder and Akyna walked up to the doors of Area Six, part of the Militia complex located just outside the capitol of New Kayia.

"Stop right there," one of the guards said, "nobody is allowed into Area Six without some major clearance."

"Well, if you insist," Thunder replied, pulling his star-shaped security badge out of his shirt. "I assume this will suffice."

"Standard procedure, Mr. Prime Minister," the guard replied. "You and your aide may proceed through."

"Thanks guys."

Thunder and Akyna walked down several deserted corridors before coming to an elevator leading to the lower floors. Boarding it, they descended several levels to a subterranian docking bay. Thunder flashed his securiy badge again, and the door opened slowly. Inside several scientists scurried about, working on various things. The most noticable thing, though, and the one that immediately caught Thunder's eye, was the Storm.

The Storm had been Thunder's ship for over a decade before he came to the new galaxy. It was a Zidara, and had been through more battles than Thunder could remember. Walking up to it, he looked over its hull. The scientists had covered over the weapons scars from the Renegade wars and the battles against the Ediens. The Storm had gone into storage soon after its arrival in the new galaxy, and was kept safe, deep nderground to protect the invaluable Spacial Flux Enhancer and Coherent Energy Beam, two of the three peices of the puzzle needed to open the gateway. The third, of course, was a subspace disturbance in the rift zone, an event which was quickly approaching. In anticipation, dozens of scientists and energy experts had been enlisted to repair any broken parts (a lot can happen while a ship's in storage for six years), and charge the beam emitter.

"So, how's the work going down here?" Thunder asked a passing scientist.

"Prime Minister! This is a surprise!" The scientist said, obviously not thinking that Thunder would pay a visit in person. "Um... he work is going quite well. We've managed to charge the beam emitter to 62 percent so far, and we should easily make the deadline four days from now."

"What about repairs to the ship?"

"You'll have to talk to the engineers about that, but they tell me they've completed work on all the primary systems, and are working on the details now, you know, busted lighting filaments, plumbing, moth-eaten furnature and the like. They say the ship was pretty well preserved."

"That's good to hear," Thunder replied. "Um... Do you have a comm panel I could use?"

"Sure, Prime Minister, right over there along the far wall. Be sure to flash your security badge, or it won't work."

"Gotcha, thanks."

Thunder walked over and activated the comm panel, and began typing out a quick message

Message to all refugee governments
Point of origin - Area Six - Kayan Militia Complex - New Kayia

We will open the gateway in six days. Please gather whatever fleet you desire and send it to the Deneba system to await the opening of the gate. Please limit yourselves to 20 ships or less apice - the gate will only be open for approximately two minutes, and we can't fit any more through in that amount of time.

To the Azdgari - I realize that Deneba is within your territorial borders, but it's the only place where we can open the gateway. You have my personal assurance that none of the Kayan ships will interfere with your race's day to day operation, and I am sure you will recieve similar assurances from the other governments. We would really appreiciate it if you'd let our ships through to Deneba to reach the rift zone. Thanks.

I'll see all of you in six days. We're going home!

End message

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Hawk's ship glided through the slipstream, her pilot guiding it with much effienct ease. It had quickly become easier after jumping from between the twin suns of Innarlin. As his hands guided the Saer through the slipstream, he saw that light display come up. It showed Edien ships in the Gadzair system. Cursing, he could do nothing until he was there. On the other hand...

"Saer, once we reach Gadzair emit a frequency like this..."

As the missiles headed towards the incoming ship like a falcon coming in for the kill, they suddenly exploded violently. The arada-like ship that appeared reared backwards from the the ships and another jump-point opened. The ship vanished into the slipstream, with no luck on tracing her next destination.

Aboard Hawk was worried, not for the missile attack, but his next course. It was the Solar System, long since held by the Voinian Empire. Yet the part he was worried about was the destination: Earth's atmosphere. Some ships that had opened a jump point in slipstream or hyperspace had the side effect of blowing up. But he had gathered just the right cooridinates. He just hoped it worked.

The Zidara landed on the world of Norhis. Aboard in his office, Sisay moved about talking to various people over the comline. Over 75 ships had been destroyed, not including fighters. Another 3 dozen had taken very severe damage and would need massive overhauls; and the Kisani as a whole only had 81 million credits. This would be very time consuming for him. Sisay was a warship captain and a Kiran fleet commander, not their leader.

He leaned over his chair and spoke to Commander Ravens on the massive screen decorating the right wall. "Commander, I know Hawk has flown and his quest is important. But until he returns, the Crusader needs a captain. That is why I'm giving you a field promotion to the rank of Captain. Should Hawk come back, you have the choice to either given command of your own ship or return to the rank of Commander. Good day, Ravens." The screen went blank.

With that taken care of, he needed to figure out what to do with ships. With less then 600 vessels, of which a third was here, the Kiran needed help. He would bring this matter before Bendon, but first he would have to contact someone higher.

"Computer, open a high secure channel to President Carnotaur of the Red October. Tell him Captain Sisay of the Kiran fleet would wish to speak to him..."

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Kryptauros was cruisin' around in the IFF Kryptauros ((url="http://"")here(/url)) when he noticed a single Horoth Interceptor hyperspace almost right next to him.
"Get me a fleet of ships immediately! Come to my coordinates." Kryptauros yelled over the comm speaker.
"Who are you?!!" Kryptauros hailed the other vessel.
"I'm just a scientist that is working with the Horoth. I believe you have a tactical disadvantage and the rules on Horoth are too strict for me. If you would accept me I would greatly help with the technological troubles you are having. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish to defect."
Kryptauros looks at the man on his comm screen. Then he pulls his ship a few meters away from the Interceptor. Soon after he does this a small fleet of 34 ships pulls in right behind him.
"How can we trust you?"
"Here I'll power down my shields and cut off the power to my weapons."
"How do we know your not stashing a nuke in there?"
"You can now scan my ship if you wish to."
Kryptauros takes a quick scan of the ship and finds 3 other passengers inside the ship.
"Who are they?"
"Who? It is just me on the ship right now."
"Don't lie to me! There are 3 other passengers in the rear of your interceptor."
"Fleet Alpha 5 I want you to board this ship immediately and tell me what the heck is going on here. After you have secured the ship I'm getting on board."
"Yes, sir. On our way." 5 Akrahd Gunships pull out of the unified fleet and start accelerating over towards the intercepter.
"I have a sqaudron of 5 gunboat captains that are going to board your ship. They are heavily armed so don't mess with them 4-eyes."
"I shall let them in sir."
Kryptauros scans the ship again and finds that some of the Captains are starting there way in. They are now surrounding the scientist and loading there Pulse Rifles.
"Is the Intercepter secure."
"Yes, sir. You can board."
"Excellent," Kryptauros replies in his best Mr. Burns impression.
Kryptauros boards the intercepter and walks over to the scientist.
"What is your name?" Kryptauros growls at him.
"Iposco Gallahad," the he replies.
"I'll be back. I'm going to search for the other passengers that 'aren't here'. Keep him surrounded boys. He might be useful to us."
Kryptauros checks back in the rear of the ship and finds the 3 passengers.
"What are you doing here?!"
"I don't want to talk to you no----," before he can finish he shoots at the crazed man then tells the other 2,"Anybody else want to argue? Get out of here. Squad Leader I need you here. Take these people to the surface for interogation (sp?). Also take the scientist with you. I want to join in when you interogate (sp?) the scientist."
Then everybody exits the ship and Kryptauros get in his and takes one final look at the interceptor and fires a single plasma flax cannon shot and the intercepter disables and then self-destructs.

Reech is coming.
Get ready for it.

"Sir, we are recieving a transmission from the Norhis system," the com lieutenant reported.

"Very well, put him on," Carnotaur replied, and a picture of Sisay appeared. "Ah yes, Captain Sisay, what did you want to talk to me about?"

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OOC:carno, do you do eco reports every day?also will you make a plug for this?

I bet there darn tasty to.

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