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what plugin has the best ships in it. NOT ships that make the game esier but to add to gameplay and life of the game. I've looked at a few but havent downloaded any yet. What ones do you like? being my first post and all, is my sig to big? dont want to upset karma.

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i think if u wanna try many different ships u should try new horizons for EV not EVO it adds quite a few ships some look pretty cool others aren't that good but it sure has quite a variety, it's the biggest plug/TC i know off. Hope that helps.

Well Falcon i would sujest the following plugs:

Frozen Heart
Star Wars
F-25 v2.0

There are others but it's to late and i don't remember them all.
Enjoy they all have a great ship selecton.

And i don't see how a big sig will mess your karma.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Why is Star Wars so addictive?

If you mean plugs which(sp?I've never been able to spell that word) add ships to the basic EVO galaxy,I'd suggest the Advance plug.
Or there's my "Flying Toasters" plug,which is not a cheat,and which I consider is pretty good,but it has never been downloaded,so PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT!
That "0" is making me depressed

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I thought the new ships in Fourth Reich were the most attractive. There's a P-38 fighter that looks a lot like the long-range fighter from the 1940s.

Having Fourth Reich installed for the purpose of exploring the Fourth Reich systems and doing the associated missions need not make the game easier. In fact, some of them are damn hard, because the ships of the F.R. galaxy are too damn powerful. If you visit the F.R. systems to buy a ship at one of the shipyards, or outfit your main galaxy ship with F.R. upgrades and then return to the Strand War (or whatever), then you've got yourself a cheat ship. Balance is more than a little screwy in the new quadrant.

Providing it's the last thing you do with a pilot file that has completed all the main-galaxy missions and central objectives, though... you might as well.

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I've never heard of the Fourth Reich plug.

Do they have it on the ambrosia web site?
I'd like to download it and try it out.

Why is Star Wars so addictive?


Originally posted by grand admiral thrawn:
**I've never heard of the Fourth Reich plug.
Do they have it on the ambrosia web site?


Good luck, Captain...

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