Creat own plug-in

What all do i need to creat my own plug in(i mean EVERYTHING).And where can i get it at?


I think the basic tools come with EVO in a nice little package. However, if you don't have them, you can download them.

(url="http://";=utilities&display;=date&page;=1")This(/url) is a link to the EVO Utilities page - general stuff for plug-in developers.

If you want to go directly to downloading the EV Developer's Kit, you can open a new browser window and copy and paste this address into it:

ftp://ftp.AmbrosiaSW...vo/utilities/EV Developers Kit.sit.hqx

The EV Developers Kit includes:
()The EV and EVO Bibles. These are the basic descriptions of resources needed to make the plugins.
)ResEdit. This is the application that you will mainly work in to produce the plugin.
(*)Templates. This is what makes it easier for you to work with the resources in ResEdit.

Of course, making a plug-in requires a lot of time and hard work; you have to be willing and determined to finish it.

(url="http://"")EV Nova: Thin Ice(/url) | (url="http://"")Tool(/url) | (url="http://"")America's Favorite Irishman(/url)

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