2 other space RPG's

Okay so people might have already heard of Terminus (www.vvstore.com) But for the console there is a vool cheap RPG i just got called Armada (www.metro3d.com) There both kinda like EV but lack the same depth, but they have other cool things too. Like Terminus is in 3d, and does have a smaller world there is no less ability to build your fortune either. Armada has a lot bigger of a world but is goal oriented. Armada is only for the Dreamcast but Armada 2 i think is coming out for the PS2 and XBox, this version will also have internet play. Terminus is for Windows, Mac, and Linux and also has internet game play. There both not as cool as EV but if you want some variety they are both ecallent and fairly cheap games (i picked up Armada for $10!). Please respond if you know of any other space RPG's :).

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Starbound II

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If you have a pc emulator you could play a game that is similar
called solar winds, I forget who makes it... its farily old though,
but not a bad game

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if you're going to do pc stuff, i'd recommend the space empires series (www.malfador.com). they are more the empire development type, but they're really good. btw, shouldn't this be somewhere else? just games, perhaps?

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