I found an Easter Egg!

Press 'x' when you get to the menu. It gives you Haiku's.

"The heathens are upon us. Arm yourselves and go with God." Paul Benden, Commander of the Purple Sector Fleet, prior to the Battle of Cygni.

Yep, that's a fun one. There's another cool one (that actually works now!) in (url="http://"http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/cgi-bin/ubb/postdisplay.cgi?forum=Forum8&topic;=003649")too(/url) ... Why don't you go find it? (Hint hint ...) 😉

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In all ASW games it gives a poem or a note or something when you hit "x" while at the main screen.

Look at the stars, that's your life. Look at the dirt, that's your life too. Look to all sides of yourself and see what really isn't your life, but a fantasy dreamt of by others and forced upon you in whole.


You know, I've always wondered if chicks dug it.

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What are Haiku's ?

I try to think but nothing happens!- Ultimate Rebel

so you are still here rebel!

a haiku is a japanese poem consisting of three lines using the 5syllabyl 7 syllabyl 5 syllabyl pattern

I thought everyone knew abouth the x

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they should have more haikus in their games....maybe in Nova?

J00 ph33r the Spooooooooon™ Cruiser! j00 ph33r it! Muahahahahahahaha!
/me runs....


Originally posted by Ultimate Rebel:
**What are Haiku's ?


It is quite easy
Five, seven, five syllables
This is kind of fun



Use baloon help and move the cursor over any ambrsoa game, also try hitting l instead o x in soma games..

My haiku for the day:

Our Captain, Hector
They say he is a parrot
But this is rumour

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Originally posted by Overrider720:
**so you are still here rebel!


Yes, I am still here. I've just been away. I'm gonna go download a mac emulator
for my pc. see ya!

I try to think but nothing happens!- Ultimate Rebel