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Many people who enter this (and other Ambrosia's) webboards does not live in the USA. That's why, when they (we, as I'm from Europe) enter the board and look at the time of the last post, we can't know if that post was written time ago or just a few seconds ago. For example, now the last post took place at 2:53PM board time, while my local time is 9:35PM. How many hours are different from board's time to my local time? I don't know.

I suggest to include on the board a clock with board local time and date used on messeges at that current moment. It is not needed to be updated while connected, just the time when the user enters the board would be a good reference point.


PS: Sorry if my english is not too accurate, it is not my mother language.
PS2: Moderators, if there is other board better for this post, just move it, and sorry.


Anyway, I think Ambrosia's clock is not on time. I posted previous messege at 9:40 PM and board's time says 03:24PM. That's 6 hours and 15 minutes (approx.). Why 15 minutes? All world local times differ hours between them, but not minutes (just a few ones are 30 minutes, but no one 15 minutes). Which is the board local time?



Hmm.., interisting. I never really thought of that. And no; i don't no the weboard lt. Ask a moderator.

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You're right.
I recently figured out,by posting,recording the time of the post according to Ambrosia(Which is in "Eastern Daylight Time",whatever that is)and the time according to my clock,that New Zealand is about 8 hours 10 minutes behind.
They need a little map where you can click on wherabouts you live,and the time is calculated for you.
Mind you,the Eastern Daylight Time makes it handy for coordinating stuff.

There is no easy way to do it.I live one time zone away from ASW, so I just do the math. Just figure out what the time difference is for you and do the math yourself.

BTW: This is the wrong board for bringing this up. Just Chat or Ambrosia Banter are the proper boards.

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