How do You Start the Offensive Against Voina?

I need to know where the string mission for the offensive against the voinians starts and what the requirements r. Puleeeez give me some friggin answers.


First off, in EVO(without plugs) the UE never gets anywhere near Voinia. But they do come a little closer. Lets see, first you have to do the Emalgha string, then you can pick up the Hinwar string from the station you liberated.

BTW, you didn't really need to say "give me some friggin answers".

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Just don't annoy the Emalgha in any way. Do the styarting UE freight mission, then head for Emalghion and it's moons as soon as you've got a decent combat rating. Check in the Emalgha bars a lot, and kill some Voinians.

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