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How do you finish the Yggdrassil Stones to Museum mission. The ship that i am suposed to board to rescue Blatavska is beyond the edge of the system. Is there any way to fix this? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Huh?? The ship you have to board should be in whatever system it tells you it's in. I think it's near Polaris, or at least in that region of the galaxy. Watch carefully, cause the ship comes in fast and doesnt stop moving.


The ship that i have to board is disabled beyond the egde of the system. A computer ship could fly out to it, but a person can't. Sorry for being a little unclear the first time.

I found that the only way I could get that ship was to buy a couple of tractor beams, and then slow the target ship down a whole bunch, so I could board t before it went beyond the system's barrier.

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Im using an enhanced Type 12 so Im fast enough to board it before it dissapear out of the system...You could buy a tractor beam at Gold Rush in the Sirius system to help ya out..

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If you have the tachyonic fighter by that time it's a relatively simple matter. When I jumped into the system I actually went way too far past the ship because of how damn fast that lil tach fighter is and then i just sort of waited for the infected ship to come to me me at which point the 4 tractor beams on the tach were very nice 🙂

Martin Turner said he diliberatly set up missions to be done in lighter, faster ships. He didn't want people to go through the Frozen Heart story in a Warship.

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Yeah, but who's complaining? What is wrong with flying around a fast as hell fighter for a while? The game is about the story, not the combat.
Keep the tachyonic fighter as it is really quite good you know.


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Yeah... a tachyonic fighter with a yggdrassil stone and implosion rack drool

It's not only the IMPs that make it good - try this:

Point your nose at a big ship (A cruiser will do) and keep tapping the up and sideways arrows and you'll circle the ship. Now fire your tach laser. You're spinning too fast for its missiles, out of range of its guns, fighters are WAY too slow to touch you, and You just spin around it until it's dead.

BTW has anyone been able to take over a mine yet? I really want one...



Program Freeze on Ariel Station in the Mufrid System when clicking the Goods Traded button. On the Map it stated that there were No Goods traded, yet on the map it also listed under services that the following services were available :- Trading; Outfitting; Shipyard.
Sorry for the Repeat Listing. Help Required! Thanks!


To address some (possibly already answered) issues:

  1. It is impossible (so I've heard) to finish the game without the Tach Fighter. Furthermore, I don't see why anyone would want to try without it. It's just too cool.

  2. The best way I've found to deal with the plague ship and the system boundary problem is to get a bit ahead of the ship and then disable it and apply tractor beam. You need only what comes standard on the Tach Fighter. For the first time or two it might heope to slow the game from 100% if your own reaction times are the problem. Finally, if the ship eludes you, merely hit "esc" and reload the pilot file. It should drop you back in the game right where (or when) you want to be.

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