Dwarven Runic Sword

Where and how can I get the Dwarven Runic Sword?


The dwarven runic sword is in the northern territories(but not in High Garendall). It is
approximately a couple screens west of the tunnel entrance to the northern territories --
might be 1 north or south of there, but in that general vicinity.

Anyhow you will find a dwarf walking around his broken wagon, and there will be a bunch
of chickens walking around as well. When you find this smile, you have found the sword.
Now you just need to earn it.

Talk to the dwarf and you will have a response that says something about you preferring
drivaTan weapons over dwarven steel. He will get huffy. Keep choosing responses that
taunt him and he will finally challenge you to a duel. If you can beat him you get to
keep the sword.

Shoot 'em with everything you've got. If anything still lives, shoot 'em again.

I may be missing something, but I've been all over the Northern Territories West and South of the Northern tunnel...and I can't find a dwarf or wagon anywhere. Anyone able to give a little more specific directions? (Is he in a hidden area or something?) Sure would appreciate it...


Hes not realy in the northern territories, hes in wyrm valley,

Ecky- ecky- ecky- ecky- pikang- zoop- boing- goodem- zoo- owli- zhiv'

That explains it...thanks much!



Wyrm's valley(?) is correct. From the entrance to Wyrm's valley go North to the dark Elf's location then West twice. It's best to enter these from the Northenmost parts of the areas if you can as the river become an obstacle farther South.
Once you get to the NorthEast corner of the area designated travel somewhat SouthWest to the first small forest and the dwarf and his chickens are there.
When he asks for directions, reply with 'I don't know' or words to that effect and he will repsond with a new dialog, otherwise and he will just go on his way.