Gualon Station Mission: Bug?

In 1.0.2

I've just completed the Gualon Station mission, and...

: No Marines outfit (just the "and .")
: No change in Map.
: Can't land at Gualon Station after taking off.
: Can't find next D'Erlon mission (where you take him
to earth)

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Essaye de retourner sur Outpost Gamma.
Try going back on Outpost Gamma.

Stupid, stupid voinian creatures.

kill all the ships in the Gualon system and TTHHEENN land then go to Bakka


Yeah. Plus, the marines never show up in your outfits, so it's no biggie.

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kill all voinians, land, go to bakka, then to luna, go to gamur and kill all voinians, land on krotun and voila you've completed the first central objective!