Solar System Song

The first verse (by Giule)

The closest planet to the sun, two fifths of one ay-yoo
The furnace that is Mercury turns people into goo
Lava flows and craters, sun-baked sand and dirt
Without a single bit of moisture, it's a world of hurt!

Feel free to add verses about any planet, moon, or asteroid you'd like, in any order. The verses can be reorganized later. Multiple verses about the same world are perfectly fine. The final order will be:

Asteroids and comets (in descending order of size)
The sun itself


No way, I hate poetry!

"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all into the darkness and bind them, in the land of mordor where the shadows lie."
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If the final version will have a verse for every spöb in the the Solar System, well, good luck coming up with the 17 verses for all of Saturn's moons!

Nice verse, by the way.

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No way, I hate poetry!

It's not poetry. It's a song.


Poets used to be celebrities just like rock stars are nowadays. Poets and songwriters are the same thing, it's just that songwriters usually set their words to music, too (but not always: look at a lot of rap or talking blues songs).

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Hehe, Lol! Pretty good song Giule.

Wish I could make up one, but I'm totally out of ideas at the moment.

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::nods and smiles, nods and smiles:: Strange......yet very creative good job post it all when its done!

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Way far out is Neptune
Far away from Mercury's dunes
Far away it is, but not the last
unless that tiny sphere, Pluto, dares to pass

(Hey, that's what happens every 248 years!)

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Ughhh, I hate trying to think up songs....

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Cause I'm Alien the Hinwar and I'm a stuiped jerk!
I'm always making the mods mad doing something or another, but I'll never learn! I'll never turn! Look at my karma!

Here's another one. The world it's about isn't actually mentioned in the verse - see if you can guess it.

Bedecked in crowded splendour, 'fore clouds of gold and blue
G-force gonna bend 'er, and Phoebe's orbit too
Windspeeds near five hundred em-per-second squared
Ep and Jan together, didn't know they cared!