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i am a veteran of ev and evo and i just recently started a new piolt and i am having some mission trouble. I cannot find the last equipment supply for the pareen station mission. please help??

note: i am not a newbie, i have finished each of the different strand's missions and basically beaten the game, as close as you can get to it. I just forgot this mission.


Well if you mean that the station needs only one more shipment and you cant find the mission that has its own good reason. I'll give you a hint. You have to wait around a while, but check every UE spaceport bar you find, specifically earth and those planets around the mestor system. The station does not complete until you finish another mission string which should begin right around where you are.

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Yes, check the bars, the last mission is a tad... different.

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Yeah. Check bars. I'm a real veteran of EV, but I haven't had EVO for quite so long. Missions found in bars take longer, and besides, only the Fr. Express missions will take you through Voinian-infested space and give you some action, and they pay good too, but not nearly as good as bar missions, such as raiding missions or defence of the system and that kinda thing. Completing the last mission of a string will ususally land you a smooth million or so credits which is pretty nice. Peace out dudes...and dudets.

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