Fighter bay

I know how to launch fighters from my fighter bay, but when they get out, they won't shoot at any enemy, even if they fly right through them. Do you know what I might be doing wrong? What is the way to make them shoot?

Once you have them deployed target a ship.
Then press the fighter target key (F by default).
The fighters will attack the ship you told them to until you tell them to:
Stop (V by default I think)
Return to Mothership (Option-C by default, Option-whatever if you change it)

Hope this helps out.

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Read the EV Override Documentation and options to learn more about certain key controls.

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Or if that doesn't work, gets huge amounts of powerfull fighters. 🙂

DarkDragon is right, though once you start ordering your fighters to attack specific targets you will be disappointed. They're only AIs, remember, and as such they fly just as badly as the enemy. They throw their lives away... and that costs you a lot of credits!

I think the mechanics of carried fighters are flawed in EV:O, and I seldom use them. It seems silly that all the weight is in the bay, and none in the fighters. For example, if I choose to carry just 2 UE fighters, the bay still weighs the same as if I carry 5 of them.

By having all the 'dead weight' in the bay, a mercenary is tied down to flying within the systems where he can obtain replacements for his fighters... because even when they're killed off and the bay is rendered useless, the space can't be used for, say, dispersal rockets.

I had thought that perhaps this was necessary within the EV:O game engine, but the plug 'Fourth Reich' features a P38 fighter bay which weighs a moderate amount, and then an additional weight (6 tons I think) per fighter - just like missile launchers and many other secondary weapons do. That approach is much more user-friendly, since the weight for a dead fighter is immediately liberated.

If only other bays were so flexible! This wouldn't really be a cheat as long as the total number of fighters allowed is unchanged, and the total weight of the bay and all fighters is the same. Has anyone made a pluglet to address this? If so, I've never seen it. If such a thing existed, I might revise my tactics and start using carried fighters again.

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All the weight is in the bay because it contains all of the space for the fighters and there is no weight in space. It seems kind ironic that the measure the outfit's mass in tons, though.

Good idea with that plug - I'll look into it.

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Thank you everyone. That really helped me out. 🙂

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