I've been noticing a lot of new people on these boards

Welcome! πŸ™‚

The Mac Gaming Bboard:

The same from me! (We Pittsburghers are more friendly than the rest of you meanies... ;))

I haven't been here very often recently (I spend all my time on IRC and B&πŸ†’, but from the sheer volume and speed of posts, I can tell that there are way more people than there were even two months ago.

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Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. I signed up early this month or somewhere around that time, and I'm amazed at all the new people I've seen that signed up after me.

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Yes, guess I'm a newbie as well. Even though I registered the username "Ares Sniper" last year, I never really made any posts with it. I registered this screen name earlier this month, and I like it much better. πŸ™‚

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(quote)Originally posted by shayborg:
**The same from me! (We Pittsburghers are more friendly than the rest of you meanies...;) Just joking, welcome all new members! I geuss I could be called an oldie, a registered nearly a year ago, have a lot of experience on these boards, and have a lot of posts (not trying to brag, and I geuss having tons of posts doesn't matter, but I listed it anyway). So, once again, Welcome!

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(quote)Originally posted by Captain Carnotaur:
**Well!;) Actually, I felt at home on the boards a few days after I registered.

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Thank you, I came here because I was playing Escape Velocity when I said to myself "What ever happened to Ambrosia Software?" I went to this website and I was amazed! This site is so awesome! I also discovered EV: Override, I had totally missed it! I downloaded it, registered it, and now I return here to talk about EV and EVO and check up on Nova's development.

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I joined the ranks i think in October or something, when I heard about coldstone, but I never really made many posts.

I then got back into EVO, and wanted to hear about experiences from other pilots around the galaxy, I like good stories πŸ™‚

Anyway, welcome all new users, and if you have any good stories, make sure to grab a mug o' Saalian Brandy and share away! I made a topic made for this. (called Moments of Pride and Accomplishment)

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Welcome all you Newbies! I guess I'm not a newbie anymore because I've been around for several months.

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Well I registered almost 4 months ago, but I made about 10 posts and stopped using it for 3 months. Luckily I'm back in the fray with almost 50 messages (woo-hoo! πŸ™‚ I realize it isn't a lot but I don't care)!

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Yeah, I'm a newbie too. I just signed up this week. Like Beefpile, I recently re-discovered EV Override and wanted to hear some stories, strategies, etc. Thanks for the warm reception. πŸ™‚

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I registered in one of the last months in 2000, but I stopped coming to the boards. That was when I only checked the EV board because I hadn't registered EVO...
But now that I have registered it, I have questions which I will ask (and will hopefully be answered) on the board.

This is fun!

I was probably one of the first registerees of the new millenium (and already almost 80 posts) so welcome to everyone (like me) signed up this year.

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Did anyone notice that is was while Flatty was gone, all the newbies came? πŸ™‚
Now heΒ΄s back so i think the stream of newcomers will slow down πŸ˜„

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I registered ages ago on Clear net but it costed to much but now I am on Zfree and come here every day.(I have 100 posts and very proud, I know it isnt much but it is a lot for me).

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I think that new arrivals on the board are more likely to stay now that the "Search" movement has stopped shouting at everyone who asks a question.

When the server is upgraded and the boards get their search facility back, I wonder what'll happen?

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