maybe not so good

okay, well somehow in my bid to capture 4 Igadzra (the yellow dudes) and 2 crescent warships as escorts, I managed to make myself wanted in most of the eastern part of the map. I cancelled a mission from Miranu space to I think it was Azdgari and now all of Miranu hates me just because of that. Is there anyway I can make myself have a more favorable rating in their systems again?

Also, I captured like 67 SAE modules, but have searched all over and can't find a place to sell them. Is there a system that I'm missing? Many thanks!!!!!



Well, unless you do the Igadzra missions, you can't sell those SAE modules. Second, go up to the North Tip and destroy tons of Renegades. That should work.

Hope that helps!

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Hmm, what version of EV:O are you using, MoshiMoshi? In EV:O 1.0.2 it is not possible to salvage ammo from a boarded ship unless you already have the launcher which fires that kind of ammo.

Maybe you're using an old version. If you can't sell off the ammo but you are in a ship with an SAE launcher, I suggest you fire it off (preferably at some renegades) in order to free up the space.

If you can't fire off the ammo, I suggest you trade in your ship. You'll be absolutely fleeced, of course, but there's not a lot of point in flying a ship with 67 tons of ballast in it.

To be able to buy and sell SAEs, you'd have to do the Igadzra missions. Have you taken sides in the Strand War yet? If not, find and bar where they serve purple river eels.

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Go to Izgar space (I forget how to spell it but u know what I mean. Kill a lot of renagages, that should help some (I hope).

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