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Hey all. I have a quick question! What's the best escort vs. pirate ships (especially Turncoats/Kraits)?!


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Well I say it would be a large warship or destroyer class ship (e.g., a UE Cruiser) against like a light fighter class ship (e.g., a Krait or CF). But the most even and nail-biting escort vs. renegade would (of course) be a certain class of ship against a ship of the same class. That is, if it were one-on-one. 2 escorts vs. 1 renegade of the same class, would be an unfair fight.

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Originally posted by Ninja:
**Hey all. I have a quick question! What's the best escort vs. pirate ships (especially Turncoats/Kraits)?!



Well it seems to me that these are the best human escorts (alien escorts will do better, but if there is any real problems with renegades, then you probably haven't ventured out into alien space yet) against human renagades (they're also fine against alien, just not as nice).

Krait : Any ship (beyond shuttle, scoutship, etc.) can take this down by itself or in pairs. In swarms however they can be dangerous even to light warships. Your best bet would probably be one or two helians, a freight-courier, a fighter or two (non kraits) , or a warship of any kind.

Helian :Almost any ship will work except lone fighters and even those (with the exception of the kraits) will probably win, the best ship against them would probably be a mid-size ship like a helian.

Turncoat : Get a warship on this, maybe a UE Destroyer, or Voinian Frigate, if not possible get packs of fighters like say kraits, voinian heavy fighter/interceptors, or UE fighters.

Hope this helps!

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The best escorts for dealing with Human Renegades are probably Renegade Aradas, since they are extremely good at taking down shields and are practically free. If your ship has a reasonably sized crew (like a Freight-Courier or Lazira) just head down to South Tip Station and disable and board all the Renegade Aradas you see. You'll be able to capture about half of them without too much difficulty. Their phase cannons really eat into Human Renegade sheilds and their Dispersal Rockets make them even more effective. They are pretty capable of defending themselves too, and if a bunch of them should die, just capture more.

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Proably the best against the Human Renegades would be several Renegade Aradas. A Renegade Arada can take out a turncoat. Several of them should be able to kick major ass, but are still to agile to be swarmed with a billion Kraits, as a Lizara or CW would. Plus, they're easy to capture and just below human Renegade space, so if you lose one you can "recruit" a replacement easily.

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