Azdgari Mission Help

I know this topic has been covered dozens of times before, but seeing that there is no search option right now, I'll just have to ask. Lately, I've been working for the Azdgari and have just delivered the load of goods from the new headquarters at Stror to some nearby moon (Vuna, I think). However, I can't seem to find where the string picks up again. Thanks.



Hang around the bar on the base. You will get missions to help other squadrons to raid on Zidgar convoys, and a mission to destroy a Zidagar photographer.

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OK, I have done the several raiding missions and destroyed the photographer (several times in fact...), but cannot seem to be able to get any more missions from Stror. Where do I go from here? Does the mission string ever actually take you to the Azdgari homeworld or the systems around it? Thanks.


I believe you have to let the Zidagar photographer get away.The mission that follows is an evacuation of Stor.I believe this is accurate.

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And after that, the mission picks up on the Aggy homeworld.... the planet that's heavy on tech.

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Or you could just check the misson computers and hope to be lucky enough to get a mission to deliver cargo/passengers to the homeworld. it got me to thier ship making world while I was considered a criminal in their space.

I'm also having a problem with the adzgari string. I go to the mission when I am supposed to downgrade to an arada (oh no!) and I cannot find where to pcik up the string again. Anyone know?

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