Self-made outfit/ships/persons/commodoties...

Hey! I was just wondering if anyone has created his/her own ship, weapon, 'dude', or commodoties. I've made my own commodoty, which sells only on earth and with good reason. The name of it is 'MacOS 67.8'. If anyone's made something of the sort before, post it! I'd like to hear about any/all self-made doodads for EVO!

Pilot of a modified UE Destroyer, S.S. Firesnake. The ship is loaded with a few H Missiles and P Missiles as well as a few voinian Rockets. He himself carries a stolen phase pistol which he got from the captain of the A.S.S. Imprudent. Has no escorts whatsoever, since he dosent think he needs any.

In a similar vein, as some of you may already know I made a ship, the 'Gates Industries Type 95'. It is large, slow, expensive and unreliable... but inexplicably popular.

Needless to say, I don't fly one. I have blown a few of them away though, just for kicks.

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Once I made a plug for myself that lets you sell the Zidigar Fighter Bay in my Zidara. (EVO Fixer just lets you buy it, but not sell it). It seems really stupid to me why it's there in the first place - it takes up too much space for a ship that size. That would be like putting a CF bay on a Lizara...

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I made a "2nd Edition Arada" and I would release it, except I don't know how to make the AI use it. :frown: It is pretty much like the original Arada, but a bit more pumped up. It's got a little better shields, a little more room, both cargo and weapon space, and it can hold 5 guns, instead of 3, and 1 turret, instead of 2. It also coems with 1 Defence Pod Launcher w/ 20 Pods, and a Dispy. Launcher w/ 20 Rockets. It coems with 4 Swivel Phase Cannons. It's a pretty good ship, I use it a lot, for it has similar speeds to the azdara. 🙂

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I haven't really made any really special commodities yet, but I plan too.

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I am in the process of making a plug that adds a few ships to be bought near UE space, because you can't buy anything good in UE space and with my plug you won't have to go all the way to the Crescent. The Crescent's ship are still better, but my new ships are convenient. I will probably only keep this plug for my own usage, as it is mostly just practice to move up to bigger and better plugs.

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I've been thinking about new commodities. For the "Dreden War" plugin, I'm thinking about adding things like certain types of rocks and minerals. (gold, silver, diamond, that kind of thing) I'm trying to think of other ideas for commodities as well. The Dreden War plugin has 214 systems and 6 governments so far, so it definately needs more things to trade then just the original commodities. I'm also making a LOT of ships and weapons, but I'm not close to done yet. 🙂

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