EVO Epic Adventures

Back again is the master of the webstory to again tell you of a new board where such fantastic literary groups join together and write adventures of epic proportions. Among those to be credited as offspring of these are Light Behind the Shadow and Red Horizon, which we shall expand upon in Shakra Uprising. Those of you that participated in or enjoyed reading these stories should pay a visit to the EVO Epic Adventures Board:

With that said, we have begun a new story entitled Shakra Uprising. It is a new breed of the modern webstory in which a rebellion against the common rule is the main player base. With this new design, people can join no matter how much they know about the stories or how much they can post. So i call unto all of you to see the Shakra Uprising at EVO Adventures and become part of the rebellion...or the powerful rule.

FORMER MOD: LBS and Red Horizon

It is not fear that will destroy you, but the absence of it.

Not sure everybody saw it, just bringing it back to the top.
Any questions you have can be directed to me in this topic.

It is not fear that will destroy you, but the absence of it.

Well, I saw it.

I must say to everyone that this ezboard is definitely a good one. Even if you don't want to join the story, you can still just watch the story as it grows.

To Escape Velocity: Nova and Beyond!
Millennium. Its coming, prepare for it.
Coming to the (url="http://"http://www.ambrosiaSW.com/games/ev/chronicles.html")EV Chronicles(/url).