Need help with Adzgari missions...

Like you may have guessed im doing the Adzgari Strand missions. I used to just do Igadzra, but i have taken interest in other strands now. So i did the Zidagar which was cool, and now i am on the Adzgari. Anyway let me get to the my question and explain the circumstances: Ive gotten up to where i the adzgari colonize that uninhabited system near the Zidagar and abandon the old outpost near north tip station. Well, since ive done that, i havent been able to progress the least bit. I have visited every Azgari system and gone to all the bars etc., and the only missions i get are routine ones on the new outpost. So, where do i resume the string of missions? Thanks in advance.

I don't know...I can't say because I don't see any text. 🙂

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I don't think I have ever done the Adzgari mission strings before...They are just too mean for me. 🙂

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P.S. Sorry about the first post. When I first came to this topic, there was no text here! Sorry about that.

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I had a bit of trouble with that, all those years 😉 ago that I played Adzgari for the first time.

You have to hang around the new base's spaceport bar. You will get numerous missions involving looting and such. If you still can't progress, to new missions, let the Zidagar photographer take his pics. That'll make sense when you do the mission.

Good luck.

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Hah. LET him take the pictures? Hell, by the time I took off, he was halfway into warping off. I Cannons/Turrets only, and none of the Azdgari use guided missiles, so it's basically impossible for me to EVER kill that bastard. 🙂

Also, someone said the Azdgari are evil. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!? They just like to raid people! Hey, it's a war! A three-way war! Why do you think they are evil? What of them don't you like?

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Also, i am curious. I here these things about "Enhanced Aradas" and "Enhanced Azdaras," are these real ships that are some how obtainable without hacks? Because i know that Enhanced Ardara = invincible drool.

Well, those enhanced arada's can be taken. The azdara's can't, because you can't disable them; they have no armor.

Now then... there's a certain mission that involves... umm... I think it's escorting the enhanced arada's, or something to that extent. Either way, they're sitting around in some system with you in at as well. What you have to do is get to that point.

At that point, cancel your mission. Then, you can attack the enhanced arada's... beware, you'll get the Aggies mad at you, but I tell you... it'll be worthwhile. Disable the ships, and try to capture one. Now you'll have a nice new enhanced arada (which is a pretty wicked ship)... add some dospect armor, a shield enhancer (and the exp, if you can still get it), and that ship is invincible. You can even work your way back up in the Aggy ranks after stealing the ship, which is nice.


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