Monty Python Manuever

Look, im a real EVO veteran, having beaten the game in every possible way, but i still dont know what the monty python manuever is. it is more than likely that ive done it before, but i just dont know what it is exactly.

I'm pretty sure you have done this manuever alread. I had been using the MP long before I found out what it was. MP: have a ship faster than you opponent's, stay just in front of them and out of their firing range while pounding away on them all day. This is what allows you to easily (if you ship is fast) take out just about anyone - Dreadnaughts and all.

Though it's lost it's maximum effectiveness for almost all of the ships with the release of EVO 1.0.2 - AI infinite afterburner ability. For those ships that the MP is useless on, I usually fly rings around them, using the afterburner in spurts, while constantly firing my turrets. Fortunately turret tracking ability has greatly improved with the release of 1.0.2. 🙂

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