Fake ID's, where are they?

I know you can get fake ID's to help around UE space, but how/where can I get one for the vonians or izdagara and azdagara?

Try heading to the galactic south of UE space. There you will encounter several renigade ports. Some of these will sell you space mines and fake IDs.

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Not just for UE space?


Fake ID's are only available for UE space. There is no fake ID for the Azdgari, Voinians, Igadzra, or any other race.

There are of course, a couple ways around this. First, if you don't mind cheating, you can go in and make a fake ID for the race of your choosing using resedit.

Or, if you prefer to play fairly, then your legal status is reset (universe wide, I believe) any time you use an escape pod. If you're just trying to raise your legal status with a single race, then you can try destroying their enemies. That will raise your legal status in their systems.

Hope this helps.

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