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I wanted to join the voinians, but someone said that I would need a good ship to start out with because their mission are hard. So I have been trying to just do cargo missions to save up enough to buy an Arada. But it is taking way to long, I'm not even half way there. I wanted to join the Zidagar to make some more money, but I was concerned that this might upset th Voinians if I helped them. Does anyone know whether it will or not?


Joining the Zidagar will have no effect on whether or not you can join the Voinians, but it's definately not the easiest or quickest way to make money to get a good ship.

One way you can quickly get the money you need is to go to a system along the border of two of the strands, preferably one with an uninhabited planet that you can land on. (I think either the Grooz or Vastan system works well for this). Anyway, you should find that both Zidagar and Igadzra ships appear in the system, and proceed to blow the heck out of one another. Wait until one side disables a ship on the other, and then board it and steal it's credits (If you're feeling lucky you could try and capture it as well, and maybe have your problem soved right then and there, and have something to post about in the "One Lucky Capture" message!). This would work extremely well with Azdgari vessels too, their warships can carry upwards of 300,000 credits for you to steal. And all you have to do is wait for the other strand to do the work for you!

Note: If one side completely overpowers the other and destroys all the ships before you get a chance to board them, land on the planet (that's why it's helpful to have one in the system) and then try again. Repeat as needed. Then run off with your excessive amounts of credits, laughing maniacally. 😄


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I think it would be a big wast of time to try to get the Zidagar missions get to get some extra credits. So if you get anought credits you might want to invest into a Creasent Warship. But that's 10 million credits you could just get a small warship to do the frist cuple of missions for the Voinians. And then upgrade to a Voinian Cruser or a Frigate. But those missions are not as fun as the UE ones. And at the end they just forget you and your stuck there because the UE hates you. And I think the story lines a bit off from the UE quality missins.

Or you can do just do the rucement mission for the UE and still get the Voinian missions. If you don't accept any more missions from any UE bar but you can do missions for the mission computer that have to do with runing cargo back and forth to planets.

If you go to this site it might help you.

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Taking sides in the Strand War will not affect your standing with the UE/Voinian war, but the strand war fights often require a good ship. It's not a great way to make money, because of the risks involved.
Why not try hiring some UE Transporters, going to Pax and hauling crassworms to Omm? At Omm, buy cheap medical supplies and take them to Telnan. At Telnan, but equipment and haul it back to Pax. Repeat as required - you should be able to earn the price of a Crescent Warship in less than an hour.
Use a fast ship yourself and run from enemy ships such as Turncoats. At this stage the Voinians may also be hostile to you. Use the 'hold position' command to keep your escorts (freighters) out of trouble too. Don't accept any missions until you've got the ship you want.
Good luck Captain...

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