A Pilot's Zen-Nature

"I remember back in the day, when I flew a UE-Made Freight-courier. I loved the little ship, the one I nicknamed the 'Daikatana III'. We had some great times, 'Monty-Pythoning' little ships, and we had some bad times, like when no missions were available and we had to pay the bills.
But I digress. The most important thing that I learned on that ship is that all pilots, from those Voinian scum-bags to those cocky UE pilots, have a Zen nature. What is a Zen nature, and what types are there, you may be asking? Well, there are a few I've seen, like the following:

•The viper- Lies in waiting and strikes it's targets quickly and silently
•The tiger- Perfers brute strength over strategy
•The owl- Perfers strategy over brute strenght
•The dolphin- Happy-go-lucky. No agenda, does as it wishes.
•The baboon- What a buffoon! Shows his colerful ass off to those who wanna see it, makes a huge deal about it, and then, when someone breaks out the cattle-prods, runs like a sissie
•Amoeba- Floats lifelessy between Liat, Sol, and Salia. Has no life

These are only a few that I've seen. So, if you've seen any others, please, post them!"

No! No! You got it all wrong! The EYES! Go for the EYES!

U.E.S. Incontrovertible- UE Distroyer, Goes any where and it is almost Indestructible.
Loth Ian- Evil Renegade who hangs aroud the independent planets and beyond UE jurisdiction.
U.E.S. Earth- UE Cruser, Fights any opposing goverments.
U.E.S. Testian- UE Distroyer
U.E.S. Telnan
U.E.S. New Tokyo
U.E.S. Knox
U.E.S. New Prussia
U.E.S. Paaren
John Cook- Some person who shoots the player who's playing the game. And so far this ship has been sighted in the Sol and Moles systems (by me).
Jason Wong- Ambrosia UE Carrier. Says: Ever wonder why all the races in space speak English? And looks like he has a realy good ship with a lot of stuff added on. Including Prase Beams, Rockets, SAD or SDE modules and six UE Fighters.
Ali Saidi
David Dunham
Kestelnon V
Matt Burch
Pete Hopkins
S.S. Acrylic
S.S. Disko
S.S. History
S.S. Hobart
S.S. Lithium
S.S. Angel Interceptor
S.S. Bluetonic
S.S. Cheapskate
S.S. Countdown
S.S. Eteral Light
S.S. Hermann
S.S. Lethargy
S.S. Lose Control
S.S. Lucy
S.S. MoonBaby
S.S. Motorway
S.S. Nifkin
S.S. Peanut Dispenser
S.S. Razmatazz
S.S. Robot
S.S. Shakespeare
S.S. Spacerock
S.S. Starmoonsun
S.S. Surprise
S.S. True Faith
S.S. Verisimilitude
S.S. Acetone
S.S. Blue Monday
S.S. Bullet Proof
S.S. Condemned House
S.S. Diamond
S.S. Happy Endings
S.S. Legendary
S.S. Lizard
S.S. Lost Cat
S.S. Mayfly
S.S. Morphine
S.S. Music
S.S. Pauline
S.S. Planetary
S.S. Rabbit
S.S. Richard III
S.S. Rooster
S.S. Sinister
S.S. Sparky
S.S. Stavros
S.S. Tinkerbell
S.S. Unicorn
S.S. Wizard

I'm sure there more. I just haven't gotten around to typeing them up or I just haven't seen them before.


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That's alot of ships.
I think you missed the infamous Disco Bison.

Who am I? I am the darkness which lies within your soul. I lie between Good and Evil. I am the Dark Dragon Within. Fear Me.

Ahh! This would explain why all AI types/persons are made on Omm by Buddha something or other.

Ox-Only does Stellar corp. missions, and considers the hard ones to be the ones near renegade space.

"Well, we could grind
our enemies into powder, but gosh, we did that yesterday."

Just look in the përs resources of override data 2 with resedit.

I'm a viper/owl/dolphin. It depends on what mood I'm in.

Is the answer to this question 'no'?
Chaos to the enemies of the Azdgari