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~Captain Skyblade and the staff at Jive's web board.

We don't need ANOTHER BOARD! There are enough already. here is some of them (url="http://"http://pub45.ezboard.com/ftyphoonresearchanddesignwebboardfrm1")http://pub45.ezboard....gnwebboardfrm1(/url), (url="http://"http://pub40.ezboard.com/bevoverridediscussionarea")http://pub40.ezboard...ediscussionarea(/url), [http://pub40.ezboard.com/bthecatacomb, and (url="http://"http://pub51.ezboard.com/bdrtallland")http://pub51.ezboard.com/bdrtallland(/url) and thats just naming a few.

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Quiet Titan! There are never enough EVO boards!!!

Way to go Jive's team!

Hi! I'm Alien the Hinwar and I'm a stuiped jerk!
I'm big, mad, strong, and Hinwar! I yell 'LONG LIVE THE UE!', but I smash vikimadegie lovers every chance I get!
Cause I'm Alien the Hinwar and I'm a stuiped jerk!
I'm always making the mods mad doing something or another, but I'll never learn! I'll never turn! Look at my karma!

Wow, just noticed this topic 😄

GO JIVE... er... ME!!!! 😄 :eek: 😄 :eek: 😄

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