Galaxy's Edge

Heyo. Lately I've been working on a little plugin I call "Galaxy's Edge." It's starting to approach completion, and it'll probably be in beta within a couple weeks to a month. Hopefully it'll be out before EVN.

This is the first any of you will have heard of it because I figured if I spent too much time hyping it, I'd spend too little time making it. I will not make a web page for it until it is in beta.

I'll just tell you this: It's a "solar system colonization" type thing, and you can expect to see the most thoroughly researched EVO plugin... ever. As a result of working on this plugin, I know twenty times more about space than I knew before. I can name every body in the solar system over 200km in diameter. I know how a tokamak works. So in other words, this is gonna be pretty damned detailed. Here's a little sample dësc to whet your appetite:

Sol Alpha: 50,000 km from sun, 1.0G from spin.

Constructed by Starlight in 2094, Sol Alpha is a huge solar collector in low orbit about the sun.
It was designed to use the sun's plentiful energy to power lasers which would be fired at Starlight colony worlds.
The lasers would meet light collectors, thus transmitting the sun's power in a small, dense beam.
More collectors were planned, but with the advent of the fusion age, solar power was obsolete.
Sol Alpha has since been transformed into a university for Starlight engineers.

Just wanted to let you in on it. I'll be looking for beta-testers soon.


Wow! Sounds good to me. 🙂 If you need a beta tester, I'll be happy do so.

~Captain Skyblade
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