ok this is a recruitment for evorpg(DONT LEAVE YET)

ok for those who dont know there is a RPG out there for EVO. it is 1 of the best i have ever played. im here to ask those who have free tim to play it. you can play for any goverment. here is an update on whats going on. the emalphga have lost all their players, and the voinans are overrunning them. The U.E. are facing a war on to fronts as a major attack by YODA and Tiberius will take huron. the UE will soon be dead. the zidagar are winning the strand war as the iggy need players and the azdgari have been inactive(only on to collect salary) they have billions in their account. the miranu are killing the north tip renegades who are currently rebuilding in hrekka.
thats whats going on, in addition the universe has expanded by probaly 20 or so systems. the mining has been greatly simplified. im here to ask those who are interested to join. its incredibly fun. the website is as follows...

if you have any questions instant message jediknight750505, i will help you. and have fuuuuuuuuuun

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I would join but my home connection is dead... sorry.. :frown:

Hi! I'm Alien the Hinwar and I'm a stuiped jerk!
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Cause I'm Alien the Hinwar and I'm a stuiped jerk!
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