Hey all.
I'm making a fairly nice plugin with new ships and hopefully new govts.- that are actually lifelike ( in the EVO world),(as in they aren't like made by god and are all powerful- they're equal with the default ships). Anyway, i have no utilities to make ships, let alone sprite frames, so I NEED A GOOD SITE URL with ships available for download with all of the magical stuff that needs to make a ship in EVO all nicely packaged up.

PS: if the site had planets and planet pics- that wouldn't hurt, right?

Thanx guys 🙂

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That sounds like an interesting project. But keep in mind that creating a plug where you make all new governments and all new ships (commonly referred to as a total replacement or complete replacement plug in) is a heck of a lot of work.

Everything you need to do to make a plug-in can be done in resedit. It's the basic all purpose program for plug-in editing. It's a bit difficult to grasp at first, but once you get the hang of it it's one of the best ways to go, since resedit is a very stable editor that can do everything you need to make a plug-in. (My plug-in, Journey MF, was programmed exclusively in resedit, for example.)

If you want an editor specifically designed to make new ships, then I would suggest Shipwrite (available at (url="http://";=shipwrite118.hqx")http://www.ambrosias...utilities&file= shipwrite118.hqx:// It's specifically designed to edit ships, though the other aspects of plug-in making (governments, systems, missions, etc...) must still be done in resedit or another editor.

For ready made ship graphics, check out the various sites listed on the EVO weblinks page at (url="http://"")http://www.ambrosias...o/weblinks.html(/url) . There are links to many sites with free, ready made ship graphics listed there. Some of the sites probably have planet and landing picts as well.

Whatever you do, though, I suggest you don't use EV-edit. It's buggy, and has a tendancy to corrupt plug-ins. Don't tempt fate by using EV-edit on your plug-in, it could end up ruining all your hard work.

If you have any other questions about plug-in making, post them on the EV Developer's corner board. There are a whole bunch of people there who will be able to answer just about any question you might have about plug making.

Hope this helps,

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Yeah, a complete replacement plug is hard. But EV-Edit isn't that bad. It is good for linking picts and dësc to a resource, and it sometimes corrupts files. But overall, it is good.

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