A few questions

I havnt been here for a while but i have 2 questions. 1 where did the search go!? (and if you tell me to search ill kill you lol). 2 who was the guy whos sig said "go to this site blah blah" and the site just opened a million windows?

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1. the ambrosia server, janus got some surgery or summat, and is can't handle such a high CPU load so the search is disabled temporarily till Janus get's resusciated

2. dunno, but the URL is (url="http://"http://www.crashme.com/kaboom")www.crashme.com/kaboom(/url)

(url="http://"http://www.bigfurrydeal.com") bigfurrydeal! (/url)

you would have to be an idiot for that to crash you. As soon as it starts making windows, just quit the program...

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I tried that but my computer lags and I had to restart comp.

If you know what Pern is go to http://pub51.ezboard.com/bpern67424
If you know what Harvest moon is go to

thats the idea. Or if you have a cable modem you could just close the windows as they appear 🙂

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