Shield Enhancers

Shield Enhanncers only add 5 in shields(Shipyard units) in comparison to 50 for dospect and 100 in Bronev(Shipyard Units). Yet shield enhancers cost 500,000. This is more that dospect and 1/3 as much as Bronev. All I am saying is that they seem(Shield enhancers) seem pretty useless. Anyway if you agree or disagree please post.

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They only add 5 shield units? Are you sure? I thought they added more than that...

Anyway, in my plug-in for EVO called 'The New Frontier', technology has advanced, and thus shield enhancers help you more. Just to let you know.

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i disagree- many people dont notice that shields and armor are 2 COMPLETELY different things. thats why u have so many different kinds of weopons. take the emalgha cannon- their strength is taking out armor- not shields, so if you have shield enhancements, you wont be taken down as much with armor weopons.

my point is that as much as shield enhancements seem inefficient towards their price- having very few shields will hurt you a lot no matter how much armor u have if your going against heavy armor-fighting weopons, because u dont have that extra buffer.

and its vice-versa if you're a shield-heavy guy: those phase beams wil really eat away at those shields- and once they are gone, all u got is ure armor: be prepared.

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Originally posted by Captain Carnotaur:
**They only add 5 shield units? Are you sure? I thought they added more than that...


Yeah, its only 5.

It obviously depends on what stage of the game your in. If your flying around in a Iggy warship, UE crusier, or Voinian crusier sure. Then space really isn't an issue (+20 shields or ten more rockets) and by the time you have one of those money should be either. I rarely get until then though.

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Er, I think that Dospect adds 20 and Bronev adds 60. Not sure though. Hang on, I'll check the data file... Oh sorry, you were right Windowsmaker and Jubee. :redface:

Anyway, good point, MrStuffTheIT, shields are a lot more useful for fighting certain races than armor. Now if you have a ship with good armor and shields...

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I agree it depends on who you fight however the only weapons that are more effective against shields than armor are Em. cannon, rockets or hunter missles. With that said, it makes the shield enhancers seem even more useless personally.