EVO 1.0.2 vs earlier versions...?

I'm a newbie here, but I've been playing EV and EVO (registered) for a couple of years and was an occasional contributer to the forums on AOL before they got greedy.

I've also done a "100 days past" search and haven't found an answer to this question....

I just d/led the latest version of EVO and really don't want to start all over again from scratch with a new pilot.

I've read the "Read me" files and since I've never had any problem with with any of the "bugs" that were listed as having being fixed (and since the Documention remains the same), is it worth it to switch from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2, and start all over from the beginning (I don't do "cheats")?



I find 1.0.2 appallingly slow compared with 1.0.1 and try to avoid using it.
Indeed it is probably fair to say that EVO is slow compared with EV.


1.0.2 has a better engine, no more stupid AI. Some bug fixes too.

I didn't notice any of it seeming slow, then again I have a 233 G3 processor and 96 MB of RAM. On my old Quadra EV ran fine but EVO ran pretty slow, I had to use 2x and 250% speed. Still ran too slow though...

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Kevin & Mikee,

Appreciate the feedback. I haven't noticed any slowdown, but I haven't played EVO in almost a year (used to play it at work - midnight shift - on a 8100/80), so I have had to turn down the speed (I'm currently using a 7500/100) until I get my reflexes back.

Soviet mikee sez:

1.0.2 has a better engine, no more stupid AI.

Hah - not sure I like a game where the AIs are smarter than I am! <grin>

I'll keep playing 1.0.2 for a while, but after being at the point in 1.0.0 where I had a pretty decent combat rating and enough money to start shopping around for some heavy metal to replace my Freight-courier, it's a bit of a letdown to be back driving a space-going taxi cab and getting picked on by Kraits! But I spent a couple of hours playing last night and have almost enough money to bur a Scoutship with some decent upgrades. Then I'll head north to Miranu space and start looking for missions.

Again, thanks,