Anne B. Mission

Please help me! I started the Anne B. rescue mission for the UE, but I can't find the rengade ship anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find it? I really want to get the EU Crusier, so I have to complete this mission! Please help!


It's UE, not EU. But anyway, if you are on the mission in which you disable the Nadir, go to Iothe Prime. However, if it's that mission where you capture some other Renegade captain, then, I don't know.

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Its awfully hard looking for a needle in a haystack, you know.

Lets see, Renegades abducted her, right? Maybe you should go knock on their door. Or rather, land on their spaceport....

I just gave you a tremendous hint without totally giving it away. Good luck! If you have further trouble, just say so.




Originally posted by Captain Carnotaur:
**It's UE, not EU.

Hmm, EU... Earth United.
It sounds like a British football (soccer) team!

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EU = European Union
Ahhh.....I remember having trouble with this mission....

Is EV Nova out yet? No? Then I'll go back to sleep...

Go to Freeport. (Ha ha I just gave a tremendous hint and gave it away!)

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All the missions give you pretty explicit instructions of where you should go next, besides the first one. Check freeport and iothe prime.

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At the end you have to disable Nadir and get Anna off of it (i won't tell you WHERE it is)

So i think someone should make a plug that makes sure that no stupid UE destroyer comes along and blows it up before you can board it (hint hint of something that happened to me hint hint).

Oh well Good Luck. 🙂

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