Question to Mods

Can you lower my Karma a little for asking this stupid question and wasting your time? I am a renegade and don't think I deserve a clean rating. Please lower it at least to -2.

Give them shell! give them solid shot! Damn them, give them anything!

Um... okay?

BTW, if you haven't checked Red Horizon lately we (Rooster and I) have set up a webboard for EVO Adventure Stories. If you would like to join in than that would be great. Also I would like it if you could moderate a couple forums. The website is (url="http://"")http://pub51.ezboard.../bevoadventures(/url)

Also, we are trying to get back to how the old LBS was with the way posting went so if you are upset with the current status of Red Horizon than this will be a nice change.

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Ganna paint it good,
We ain't braggin',
We're ganna coat that wood!

I joined. When you create a account can you post right away, if not how long till I can post?

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you can post right away.

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nope sorry. Dumb questions just get you insults, not lowered karma.