Is there a demo/shareware version of EV Override

Hi, I'm kinda new 2 this message board so go easy on me. I've bought EV
and my m8 liked it. He was wondering if there is a demo version of EV Override
so he can play it b4 he begs his Mum 2 buy it 4 him.


Oh and I have searched 4 a very long time(this is after reading the topic b4 mine)
and considering it isn't even 4 me. The things i do 4 friends.........


Go to this web address:

In the top right hand corner is a section called Options...the first item listed under the Options list is Download.

Do it!

Happy playing.

What glynnor means is that the game is shareware in the first place. Just follow his directions, and you can download it.

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Yes. EVO is a shareware game. The shareware version is full version, with one exception: Cap'n Hector, the official mascot of Ambrosia Software. He'll start stealing your money eventually if you don't register, and eventually if you still don't register after more than a month or so, he'll start shooting at you.


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You can download EV Override on the main page (url="http://"") theres a nice link called download click that. It is the full shareware version.

Hey, I remember when captain hector started shooting at me. Really annoying. I managed to kill him once, which was great, but he just came back.


How did you kill him? Weapons go through him. I registered, but I'm just wondering.

Is the answer to this question 'no'?


Originally posted by Arada Pilot:
**How did you kill him? Weapons go through him. I registered, but I'm just wondering.

You fire a forklift or a space mine at an asteroid. As the weapon explodes and Hector passes by the roid, the blast will destroy him.

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cool. thanks. maybe I'll re-install it on another comp and test it.

Is the answer to this question 'no'?