Ring of Gods & PoG 1.0.1

I know (thought? Love those brain farts ;-D) AAC said the update would make the ring up all stats except speed(like it should), but I-finally-am strong enough to kick some sea giant butt. Well, lo and behold, when I used one of the THREE rings of Gods I got in about a half hour(with only 57 luck, talk about lucky!) even my speed was jacked up 3 notches still. No complaints, I love running from them instead of using a filter to heal. BTW, has anyone else tried killing the giants south of Fantrima-I guess it's Gidolan Keep to the left of the screen-and running to the screen up top and camping out because there is never any monsters on the screen? There is 2 or 3 of the big blue cats and 7-10 of the booty rich giants on this screen. In about an hour, I have gained about a million XP(2.7M to the next level,current HP-222) and gotten about 200K on just rings and added about 5 str and 7dex and 3 luck on free potions. I love this game! 'nuff rambling, back to killing SG's and living LARGE!
PS. It still takes 15 whacks for me to to take one out, only 101 on str and about 89 dex with my trusty and trusted Dwarven Runic Sword.
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(This message has been edited by msalter (edited 12-04-2001).)

If you load the Trinity plug, the Ring of Gods works correctly and will not give you the speed bonus. The update alone has not fixed this bug.

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You want to defeat sea giants easy? In Trinity, it is easy. In fact, you don't need to boost stats much, or even be that high of a level - if you are a ranger. Get the Great Bow of Vyro, learn how to cast the slow monster potion (one of the early ones), and viola! Giant pincushins. It takes two powder per giant, but they move so slow, you can easily stay out of range, and the bow pumps out a mad amount of damage at slow targets like that. Got a ring of the gods on like the 6th or 7th giant....