Femme Fatale: SS Asgard

I did the mission where you talk to the lady at rigel IV but it has been about a month and she hasn't gotten back to me. Is there someplace i should go.


If you mean Jasta Hela, then no. She just seems to disappear from the plot.

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I believe he's refering to Alana and the mission to find the third Thor Superfreightor. I've encountered this problem as well. This question has been raised several times without an answer (if you care to check past threads).


Oh god, flash back of looking for those ^&%**% Superfreighters....

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Alana will not appear again until you have completed both the art theft and murder mystery strings. The art theft completes when you return the work of art, and the murder mystery completes when you arrest the culprit and take him (or her) back to Home.



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I'd just like to thank Martin Turner for answering this question and for making a wonderful plugin < 🙂

I have managed to find all my answers through a relentless search of the archives. I guess this post would be a good reference to future players.
After discovering how to find the last super tanker I didn't know how to finish the murder mission.
You finish this by looking for the ship of the suspect you are keeping a look out for. The ship has the same name as the suspect. Just board the ship (after disabling it and take up the mission from their.
(I think finishing this misson is a prerequisite to finish the art theft mission)

Once you have done these go to Rigel IV.