Paaren Station Missions!!!

Help me!!! I have completed the Huron Rebel Missions, destroyed the Dreadnought, established diplomatic relations with the Emahlga (Is it just the two missions for this?) and have a combat rating of Ultimate and Legal Status of Role Model all over UE space, but still I can't seem to finish Paaren station, and don't get offered any long term mission things!

Can someone help?

I want to know what to do next, any list of all the missions or something would be helpful!!!



Did you try a search on Pareen Station?

Anyway, you first have to take several trips to Pareen Station delivering goods and stuff. You can find these missions on the mission computers in UE space. It should be under a delivery to Pareen Station. The last one will give you a message after dropping off the goods saying something to the extent, "The officer who receives your delivery is happy and informs you the station will be done soon." After that look through UE space for a mission in a bar to complete the Station. I'm not sure where that is. Also there is more to the Voinian Mission String than just destroying the Dreadnought... check out Emalgaha space. 🙂

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SEARCH. I was just looking at a topic about Pareen Station. Bubaganoosh's right. You have to go to a bar to get the mission to finish it. I think it's at Knox, Luna, or Atlantic Station.

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It's Atlantic Station.

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Or just about any other UE bar... I've got it at Earth and Luna mostly...

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