stupid bug

Okay this is getting annoying, this stupid bug won't go away. In this plug-in I'm making when I go to sell some things in the outfit ship I sell it then when I leave the outfitter and come back it's there again! It doesn't go away! This doesn't happen for all items, just some, and it's always the same ones. What's going on? Is this a problem with my plug or EVO? Someone please help me!

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Dang, the problem is worse then I thought, not only can I not sell some items, but when I try to buy those items it doesn't give them to me. And not only that, it GIVES me other items that I can't sell. And I can't figure out why any of this is happening, I've never had this problem before.

That's pretty wierd. Then only thing i can suggest is posting this on the EV/O plug-ins developers board. You might get a few more responses.

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I'll try that, thanks