Due to the closure of Blazer's site, I have recently aquired the EV/EV:O Hotlinks page from Cosmic (Andre Vandal)
The address is now (url="http://"") If you have any links to this site, then please update them.

Otherwise, a few things:
() If you have a listed site can you check that the details are correct. If you want your site removed or details changed, then can you please email me with details. I'll get a script up to do this later today.
) Webmasters can you check your links to the site
() Banner Exchange is temporarily suspended until I sort everything out. It should be back early next week
) LinkBack is also temporarily suspended until I sort out the system.
(*)I am checking all the links on the database. If any return 404 errors, or their content change to something other than EV/EVO I will remove them.



(url="http://"") | (url="http://"")Fight for Freedom(/url)

It looks good, Gildor, keep up the good work.


Hmmmm, getting a Java error in the A-Z area....

Very funny, now beam down my clothes. These ladies look rest-less..... uh-oh...
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