Stupid escorts...

So I've got six captured escorts (or rather four; I just lost two in the process of destroying The Rock): two Aradas, a Lazira (taken from the renegades), two Crescent Warships (bounty hunters), and a big fat Voinian Cruiser (no idea how I managed to capture that one, at 1% odds, in my little Zidara). It's a pretty nice little fleet.
BUT... They won't always do as they're told. Sometimes I'd just like to park them on a planet somewhere, either so that they don't get destroyed or else so that they don't blow up some ship I'm trying to disable and loot. Of course, I know how to press V (hold position), but they don't always listen right away. Besides, if the CWs and the Cruiser have already launched their fighters, the fighters (my **** -escorts) don't listen to me at all. Plus, of course, I love it when I'm trying to board a disabled ship and a SAD module that one of my CWs launched at it half a year ago finally decides to hit home and destroys it.
Any suggestions on how to park these things? I'm not about to just release them, especially not the Cruiser. I'd never be able to capture another one, so I'm not getting rid of it unless there's a way to donate it to the Emalghan navy.

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Okay, why is the board bleeping the prefix **** -? As in **** -escorts, above, or the word metaphor or metaphysics. Last I looked, **** - was not a dirty word....

Question authority. That's an order.

We have no idea what prefix you're referring to. You see, the board tends to bleep them ALL out, not just the ones you actually mean as swear words.

Anyway..... I run into the same trouble. I'd suggest pressing "V" as soon as you jump into a system or leave a planet. There is a little gap of time that the escorts (and your scanner) take to identify an enemy. use it wisely.

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Originally posted by Flatulence:
**We have no idea what prefix you're referring to. You see, the board tends to bleep them ALL out, not just the ones you actually mean as swear words.

Yes, well, I foresaw that problem; that's why I included among my examples the words metaphor and metaphysics , figuring that even if the computer censored them and they came out as ****phor and ****physics, the astute readers of this webboard would stand a fighting chance of figuring out what I was talking about. I'd still be interested to know what the pattern is. Does it censor any four-letter word followed by a hyphen? (If so, I probably should have written "4-letter" word in the preceding sentence.)
As for the original question, I do try to press V as soon as possible, but sometimes as soon as I enter a system (or blast off from a planet), my siren immediately starts blaring and my escorts launch their fighters. It usually takes a while for the game to respond to the V key. (Gee, I wonder if that's because I'm playing it on a Quadra?)

Question authority. That's an order.

I have that problem- their seems to no time gap between when you leave a planet and when the escorts attack an enemy. Of course if you hit the "V" key hoping for a CW or another ship with piles of cash, and you get a lousy little Kriat attacking, you have to fire on him before the escorts attack. And I am not using a Quadra, and it still takes some time for the escorts to respond (sometimes I have to press it 3 times).

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Computers are faster! Plain and simple! I know all too well of the problem you speak of, happens to me all the time.. I often jump in, and my eardrums pop because of that blasted siren, but before my finger could jump over, my escorts have reacted... They're faster then we are..

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What I normally do if I'm even thinking of trying to loot another ship, right after I hit J to start a jump, my finger is already on the V and I press it as soon as I'm in the system. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It usually takes something with fighters a little bit longer to launch them, so I generally beat them to the punch. It's the stupid ones with the missles that generally get them off before I can tell them to hold. And they're the ones that usually get blown up soonest too.

Hold down the "V" key as you enter a system if you want them to stop. If, once you enter the system, you decide you want to let them fight, hit the "C" key. I hate it when your CW fires off an SAD at a hostile Voinian cruiser before you can tell it to hold. Then, in a million years, the SAD hits and the Cruiser goes after the CW. The CW tries to defend itself, and there's nothing you can do to call it off 'cause it already is off! :mad: Man i hate that. :mad: But anyway, whenever I have valuable escorts that I want to keep, i hold down the "V" key whenever I enter a system where there might be baddies. Then, if I want them to go fight, i hit "C". It works for me 🙂