evo webboard plug out sooner than later

yes thats right it will be released today, but unfortunatly it will never be more than it is, today my macintosh was destroyed, that's right, i pressed the 'on' button and boom, my ancient coal powered power mac blew up! luckily i had allready posted a backup on a friends computer, he will launch the unfisnished (but still good, everyone is there) tonite 19/10/00 at (url="http://"http://www.plastic-fangs.net")www.plastic-fangs.net(/url)
the waiting is over, but i'm afraid if your not on the list you won't be as i have been forced to go to the dark side until i can afford a new computer or i get a good emulator (suggestions would be nice)
thank you all and may my ol' mac Rest in peace.

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I can't find it... where on (url="http://"http://www.plastic-fangs.net")www.plastic-fangs.net(/url) is it?

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For an emulator try Gemulator 2000.


Rest in peice ya noble mac...

Very funny, now beam down my clothes. These ladies look rest-less..... uh-oh...
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Originally posted by Alien 5672:
**Rest in peice ya noble mac...


That reminds me...I'm now going to be very scared when I boot up my good old IIci the next time. If a Power Mac blows up, my good old 68020 is even more seriously at risk.
Anyway, my condolences about the computer. Hope you can find another one soon. Try eBay--they've got some pretty good PowerMacs for really good prices. There was a (url="http://"http://www.macaddict.com")MacAddict(/url) article about that...

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I still can't find it on (url="http://"http://www.plastic-fangs.net")www.plastic-fangs.net(/url) .

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tell your friend to post it on the EVO add-ons page

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I can't find it either. Post it on the EVO addons page.

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