Frozen Heart-Femme Fatale

I have a question. In the Frozen Heart it's obvious the ultimate ship is the Tachionic Fighter, but in Femme Fatale which one is. I still have my Cobra. I think it's pretty good, but then why is that superfreighter on the intro screen. The superfreighter is way too slow for me to even try out. Is it the super ship of Femme Fatale? If not what is? The Cobra could be takin out by a Tachionic fighter with ease. Im tempted to try and capture the Type 12 tachionic fighter that I see ever month or so. Is it possible to do so? Thanks in advance for any help.


The "strongest" ship you can purchase is the Cobra. Of course it all depends of your style of play. Of course it's possible to capture the Tachyonic Fighter, but it's also probably quite hard to do.

You may find the Condittori to your liking. If you can capture one, that is.

The strongest ship is that thing that looks a bit like the death star, towards the end. But I don't think you'll find one floating around.

The Rigellian Hunter Killer is more powerful than the TF — but it all depends on how you fly it.

If you are a player of some skill, you should be able to complete all the missions up to acquiring the Cobra in a Wanderer. With suitable upgrades, of course.

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