Crescent Station Mission

I'm playing the "Beyond the Crescent" Plug-in and I'm up to the part where I have to destroy Crescent Station (the one with all the Azdgari Warships). I'm using a UE Cruiser with a pile of upgrades (including space mines) and nothing seems to work. How do I destroy the station?


I had the same problem!!! Someone please answer the question!

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one max out on the best captured escorts(voinian crusiers) you can get,
get a VOinian cruiser and max out on anti-shield weapons along with as much armor as you can get, and just hold down the fire button

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But how do I get a Voinian Cruiser? No planets I can land on sell them, and I can't go to any of the Voinian worlds (you know, legal status; Prime Evil, that sort of thing), and my chances of capturing one are 1%. Also won't the UE and the Emalghia atart shooting at me because I'm flying a Voinian Ship?


I know the UE and Emalgha won't start shooting at you in a Voinian Cruiser. But you're right, they are really really hard to capture. I would just get lots and lots of armor upgrades at Paaren Station on the UE Cruiser and go capture a few Frigates.

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