Bounty Hunters in the Nebulas? Yep!

I had taken over Apollo in my Igadzra. I hadn't done the Nebula missions or even the final set of UE Missions. Anyway, I finish exploring the Proxima Nebula OK. Then in the Ji Nebula, almost out of fuel and couldn't be bothered to wait for fuel scoops to work, I decided to attack my two Arada escourts I hired for that purpose. However, as soon as I released them from servitude, they hyper out (My point is coming soon). I get enough fuel to hyper one system out and guess who is there? Bounty Hunters. In the middle of a nebula that can only be penetrated by the player.

I thought about changing the government of the nebula systems so the hunters won't be seen in them, but then I remembered that they have to be inhabited. Any ideas because it looks ridiculous.

Why arn't you happy? You can disable the BH and take his fuel. I have found that bounty hunters are VERY useful. And why the heck did you HIRE arads when you can go to the glactic north and get as many as you want for FREE?

I guss Hucked on Fonex werked fer you tew.

Yeah. What he said.

I bought a Venus Fly Trap today. I was going to name it 'Republican', but the fly trap is beneficial to the enviroment. I'll save that name - someday I might find a plant that eats poor people and minorities.
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Okay, the fact of the matter is, "How the hell can you stop BH from turning up in the nebulas?", not getting aradas.

why the heck did you HIRE arads when you can go to the glactic north and get as many as you want for FREE?

1. I couldn't be bothered getting Aradas from the north and I had wads of cash (25.67million credits) so I just hired them.

You can disable the BH and take his fuel

2. BHs are useful in that regard, but I find they don't have much cash on them or have a high chance of capture. And they can be real ######s if I am trying to do a mission where I have to kill alot of guys and they add to the pile of things to kill.

Why arn't you happy?
🙂 I am happy. It was just mildly annoying to see them where they shouldn't be.

how in the hell did yoiu get that much money without cheating

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how in the hell did yoiu get that much money without cheating?

1. Basic Missions (Ferry Passengers, SC & FE, Cargo Delivery etc.)

2. Advanced Missions (Free Huron, Zachit, Miranu, Kill Dreadnought etc.)

3. Privateering (Disabling Cresent Warships & Larizas and stealing their cash)

4. Dominating stellars.

5. Commodity Trading. Alot of it.

Nb: The best trade route in the whole game is between Emagliha and the small agricultural planet in that system.

$ is easy once you dominate 15-20 systems, especially "important" (i.e., rich) ones; once you get over $100K/day in tribute, how could you not get to the point where $ is irrelevant?


Hell, I have even dominated Voinian systems!

Actually, in my longest (therefore, most boring) game, I completed every CO thread I could w/o cheating, then just became a major ******* . I've dominated most of the strands, all the renegade outposts/planets, and all of Voinian space except for their two or three strongest homeworlds. I cruise around in my Iggy, w/2 Iggys and 4 UE Cruisers as escorts, and there ain't nobody out there that stands a chance. I just wish someday I could actually run a game where I managed to capture the Dreadnought...


I start a new game about every two weeks.....

Except for my merchant char.... He's bloody rich, and has been going for about a year now!!!

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