Cost of an Azdgari Warship

How much would it cost to modify a crescent warship to make it an Azdgari warship? I'm looking at:

Crescent warship: 9 mil

azdgari shield upgrade: 2 mil(ooh! ouch! pain!)

azdgari turning upgrade: 2 mil(ah! ouch! heart attack!)

Azdgari fighter bay: ? mil

Azdaras for the bay: 3 mil(ouch! AAAAAAAH! I'm dyin' out here!!)

Grand total: 16 mil + cost of bay.

Yee-ouch, that's more than an Igazra! Or a UE Cruiser! Or a Voinian Cruiser!

But don't forget you have to sell the Cres. Fighters+bay for $1,750,000 and all the SADs+Launchers for a couple $100,000. Not that much of a dif. but it does put you cheaper tha an Iggy warship and a Veggy warship.

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Besides, if you take the time to finish off missions for one of the Strands (I decided on the Zidagar, but it shouldn't make much difference), and maybe screw around with the Renagade termination stuff, you should have more than enough credits anyway. Using and building up a single ship for the duration of these missions will also cut a lot off the price by means of the Trade-in value (My Lazira is worth well over 8 Million credits).

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Bay is 2 mil. and 180 tons. kinda big. thats a LOT of SAD's 🙂

Even if you spend all this money, the resulting ship will still have slower-charging
shields than a real Azdgari Warship. You would need the equivalent of 20 shield
generators, and even assuming you could purchase that many, any engineer insane enough
to install them for you, would lose his license.

You're a lot better off just capturing one.

Have a Sloppy day!