Some Suggestions

1. One of the annoying things in EV/EVO is that technology never updated. So I was thinking that in EV3 every 6 months (EV Time) a new turret or cannon will come out, which only like 5 points stronger, and also with shields and armor. Ships would automatically be updated with the new weapons and shield/armor, and if you had an older ship you could go upgrade to the new weapons/shield/armor. All military ships would be updated 2 EV months before you could upgrade your ship.

2. Also when you go to outfit your ship, the outfit screen would probably fill up fast with the new weapons/armor/shield. So maybe it should be divided into 3 different sections (like when you click on "Spaceport Bar") but one would be "Weapons"; another "Shield/Armor"; and the third "Accesories".

3. Make a EVO Shipyard on the website! Since a lot of people have cool ships they could show it off, it could kinda be like an advertisement page for people who want to hire graphic people.

I hope this makes sense to you guys.

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I like the last idea, but I have quickly grown tired of EV3 suggestions. Almost as bad as multiplayer EV.


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What about if there was a possibility of making your own AI's via a new type of resource. All the developer would have to do is enter various characteristics in to the fields, or something like that. Mabye you could have AI info in the düde resource like, is xenophobic, runs away when sheilds get low making it more specific than just what the ships of a government do.

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these are just my ideas for EV3 and I have to say them somewhere and if you think they're stupid, i'm sorry (actually, I'm not), so here goes:

I think that if you have a fleet (this isn't for fighters), you should be able to switch inbetween control of different ships. Maybe that's a stupid idea, you would switch veiws a lot then. but they could make it so that you can have window showing what that other ship in your fleet is doing and if you decide to switch ships it is instant and the windows switch and you're orignal ship is in a small window and your current ship is in the large window. That could be a feature you turn on and off, or it could only come on when you are under attack.

Another thing is, I want to have more options when talking to other ships. There could be different things depending on the situation. Things like "Do you want to Beg for Mercy", "Thank-you" (I'm a polite kind of person and i feel bad when someone helps me out, and i can't say anything to them) , "Can you help me with this mission?" (they could give you a hint or say no way. You could choose what mission you want help with), "I help you" (for battles, when you are trying to get on one government/race's good side, you could use that and they would know that you aren't shooting at them, and it would earn you good credit with them), there are a lot more talking things that there could be, but I'm going to move on.

Why is it that you seem to be the only one who affects the universe's fate? Sometimes planets/systems/boarders should change sides. Stuff about the battles should be in the news.

If you go to an uninhabited planet there should be options, like: "Explore", "Scan", "Is there anyone else here" (there's probably a more concise way to put that.). All of those options could be used in missions, there could be a mysterious map (sounds corny, i know) and you might have to take it back to the government who sent you out, but you could look at it first and study it. You may even decide not to take back to the government, but to keep it for yourself, or make a copy of it. The scan option could be used for finding ruins (as part of a mission) and "Is there anyone else here" could be used for bounty hunting type missions, I mean, really, if I was being chased I wouldn't hang out on my ship all the time, sleeping on the ground, where no one will suspect seems like a better idea.

Back to the map thing. If you find the "mysterious map" maybe it could show an area of the universe that you can't get into, or someones hidout. I dunno, but there are a lot of possibilities.

I think that EV3 needs cool plots that change things and are more realistic.

I don't know how much memory this stuff would take, I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

I think many of these suggestions are pretty good, but I have the feeling that Ambrosia already has the ideas they want in the game in their head since it seems it's been in developement for awhile. It's still not bad suggesting them, but I don't think there's a lot of point to them. Pipe dreaming really.

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Um, or what if the lot of you thought how hard it might be for Matt Burch to actually program these things, yes let's tell Matt to implement all these things so we can all have big huge bloated files, and EV3 will never get done and we can continue giving all these suggestions until he kills us and we can say what else can i suggest that I haven't thought out how hard it would be to implement.

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Lay off the suggestions about EV3 because it's too late anyway that they would be taken into consideration. If ya had posted these messages a few months ago, then there would have been a little chance but now? Its hopeless. And I agree with Chrestomanci, I have grown tired of EV3 suggestions. And I like the EVO Shipyard suggestion. Maybe something to think about, el presidente.

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Okay, I'm dead now...

First thing I would like to know is if the programmers are paying any attention to this at all, 'cause I think they're pretty busy and wouldn't have time to go surf the net..

So are making suggestions here doing any good at all???

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I think Matt knows what he wants to implement and what he doesn't. Eventually people will have given so much suggestions that it will just raise their expectations too high, then when the game is released they will just be dissapointed.


Maybe they cant' add anything just now, but maybe in future editions of EV3, small things can be added. Look how much mburch added in an update of EVO.


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