Recruitment AD!! Join the EVO RPG!!

Yep. this is just a cheasy recruitment ad. But still, read on!
Do you like EVO?
Do you like RPG's?
Do you just have too much time on your hands?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join the uEVO RPG. That is, the unofficial Escape Velocity Override Role-Playing Game!

So, you may ask, what is this RPG thingie?
Simple. It's a fun, net-based game.
It can be found here: (url="http://"")
It is a game where you take on the role of a pilot for any one of your favorite EVO govs. You then buy ships, make money, run missions, and engage in battle against enemy govs, all while interacting with a score of other EVO fans!

How do I join?
Also Simple. Just go to the site found above and read the guide link foud there. This will explain how to play. Then go the message board and make a post about which gov u want to join. People there will fill you in. So, what are you waiting for? Go there today!!! (url="http://"")

Heh, well that was my attempt at a recruitment ad. If you are already in the RPG, ignore this ad. If you quit, rejoin. And if you're new, give it a shot, we always welcome new players!!


Your New Pilot link dosen't work, so we CAN'T join!

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HEY! ~patton and I agree on something, for once!

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Well stuff me with feathers and call me a pellow, your right!

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Whoa! A Voinion and an Emalgha agreeing. Somebody pass me the smelling salts!

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(url="http://";=20&forum;=*EV/EVO+chronicles&DaysPrune;=25&article;=000024&startpoint;=")The Tides of War(/url)

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U.E. Lovers Are Ignorant Of True Power.

Yes, I am sorry about that.
the joining script is almost finished and will be functional someday this week.
If you want to join, just post it on the main board.
There are plenty of people there to help you (me among them)


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I prefer Blazer's UEVO RPG... It just had a face-lift, so it's sorta under construction..

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yeah, Blazer's RPG is awesome.... I just started recently myself.

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When do they show that you are there on the "Player stats" page? I've been trying to sign up for the last 5 days.

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It should work if you just click the Join link, then submit it. But if it doesnt work, just post a message on the main board saying ur a new player. People there will help u get started and help u get on the player database page.


Now Alien is somewhere in the galaxy....

Very funny, now beam down my clothes. These ladies look rest-less..... uh-oh...

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I ment on the Ultra EVO RPG.

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