Outfit ID's (from "Kestrel")

I don't know if any of you know me, but I'm Kestrel from the old EVO board. I'm getting back into going ahead with my plug-in and will give this new board a shot after a loooong hiatus since I hate(ed) the format of this new board - so "hello" to all my old friends and my "soon-to-be-made-ones". Not many screen names I recognize here...

Got the completely updated EVO 1.0.2 version on my desktop now and whipped in my old plug-in. Upon landing in the Sol sector, I now notice that the small outfit graphics (32x32) are all goofed up. The large ones are fine. I re-checked my math (I use Res-Edit entirely) and everything is okay (so far as the new outfits go). I noticed that the small PICT resources in the v1.0.2 EVO are not there, instead there is a strange block of small picts entitled Teeny Outfits PICTS (or some such) under a 6000 resource.

The Blaze cannon 32x32 outfit pict picks up my 6101 resource for the 100x100 pict of my IHE turret, blah, blah, blah. Shouldn't the graphics for EVO show the 6101 series resources for the small picts when you land at a planet? I don't have my old version of EVO so I can't check it. I went way out in EVO using my plug-in into a entirely new system sector, things are okay there.

Thanks for any feedback!
Old Kestrel

Yes. 😄

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