A New Universe

I wonder what most of you here are going to make of the universe that is EV3.

You can be sure that it'll be huge, and well realised. After all, didn't Welch say that the amount of text in the game and in the background and other writings is enough to make a large novel?

I think that all the old UE vs Voinian vs Strands, or even the Confeds vs Rebels beat-ups that I see around the place are going to pale in comparison.


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I don't know, I am not into the EV3 game... Don't have any good contacts I guess........

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We'll groan and say:

"Damn. They want me to take it where? That's 200 jumps away!! I'll never do that in four days!!"

j/k, of course. I'm sure Ambrosia would never do such a nasty thing...

...just as I'm sure that the new game will rock.


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It' not quite 200 jumps across, but it is more jumps than the top of EVO space to the bottom of EVO space.



Originally posted by Grybs:
"Damn. They want me to take it where? That's 200 jumps away!! I'll never do that in four days!!"

Heh, a map that was circular and fairly evenly spaced that was 200 system accross would contain approx 31,400 systems.. 🙂

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