Calling all United Earth Peole

Say your rank in UE. Here are the avilble ranks.

Regular(must pick)
Comander(no extra ranks)
Captin(no extra ranks)
General(no extra ranks)
Admiral(no extra ranks)
Extra Ranks
Secuirity(can or can not chief)
Mess hall(you cook food)
Engiering(can or can not chief)
Night shift(gaurds the bridge at night)
scanning officer
Sick bay( nurse or doctor)
And you have to say your ship.( ship that are not in the United Earth)

Im a Captain of a Destroyer.


Er, sorry to intrude, but what the hell are you talking about?

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What in the name of hell are you talking about?

On Earth, I am known as the Prime Evil. My rank is offical UE å$$ kicker.
ph34r th3 phr34kz. (phéå® Ýhé ph®éåkz)

I still think you're on crack or something.... sheeesh.

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Earth? Vat is das Earth? filps through history book for 1/2 hour. Oh, yes. I counquerd das Earth a year ago. Now it is das New Voinia. 😄 And I agree with flat. YOU ARE NUTS! I mean, you don't give qualifacation levels for any ranks! Even if I wanted to state my rank for the Phewee's I wouldn't know what rank to give myself.

P.S. I have started a new pilot file for the phewee's. I think I would be captin of a destroyer, almost a carreir. I just need 500,000 more credets and I've got it. It's been strange here lately. Alien has started with the voinians and I've started withe the phewees.

U.E. Lovers Are Ignorant Of True Power.

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Originally posted by sargeras2000:
**Say your rank in UE. Here are the avilble ranks.

Blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., etc.

Im a Captain of a Destroyer.**

No offense, but what the bloody hell are you talking about?

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Oh, wait a second........

You've been watching too much Star Trek: Voyager, huh? Well.... go easy on it, too much bad acting can kill you.

And now, for a simple equation:

(Note: READ /= as "=" with a "/" through it)

Star Trek /= Escape Velocity or EV Override.


"Are you sure this is a good idea, Boss?"
"Of course not, don't ask stupid questions"

-- Loiosh & Vlad --

Was that Andrew who asked "what the bloody hell"?
are you stoned sargeras2000?

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What in the name of soccer are you talking about fool. I don't know about you but if they come up with a muilti-player may I be to open a can of Whopp-@$$ on ya. You see I'm with the UE But I don't care who's @$$ I kick around the Universe. 😄


Star Trek Voyager is not bad! I love it. But Pokemon, that's another story.

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What's a Peole?

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Ah.... kay..... mind if I shove my Frigate up your rabbit??

Very funny, now beam down my clothes. These ladies look rest-less..... uh-oh...

What the **** are you talking about? The United Earth suck so much **** so why bother to even mention them! The Voinians rule......... ( And one last thing, lay off the Star Trek style, it's bad for you....)

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